6 Years of Marriage…


Holy Cow! We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday. I can proudly say that after 6 years I love Kev more than ever. Our relationship is even stronger than when it started and that he still truly is my very best friend. We have definitely had our ups and downs and we still have our ups and downs but that is what marriage is. It is something that needs constant love and attention. When we forget that we seem to find ourselves in a lot of downs. Our marriage is our top priority. I will honestly say it even take priority over Rowan. That doesn’t mean we neglect her in anyway, but that we both understand that to us a strong, healthy and loving marriage is the best gift we can give her. We value our alone time. We know as a couple we need that. Not every second of the day needs to be swept up in our parenting roles. I put Kev first in my life (although I fall short all the time) and I know he does the same for me. With God’s grace we work on daily showing each other our love for one another and try not to take each other for granted. Marriage is serious to us. It is something we do not take lightly, but through that has come my greatest joy and my closest companion. Kev is my anchor and my sail. His sense of humor is beyond ridiculous and makes me laugh all the time. He is kind, caring and hard working. He is the most wonderful husband, father, friend a girl could ask for.

Cheers to you my sweet Husband! Praying for a million more years as wonderful, challenging, adventurous and loving as these past 6 years have been.

Here are the last 5 photos from our silly little anniversary tradition…
2 years

  1. you both have changed so much, love your traditional photo idea! Wish I would have thought of something like that…it’s never to late, right?

  2. Happy Anniversary! Thanks so much for sharing the photos! My husband and I celebrate 10 year this year and I am shocked! I can’t believe how fast 10 years goes! Seems like only yesterday, literally!

    And, so glad to know that I am not the only one who’s attempts at putting my husband first gets slight of hand sometimes. A baby sure can take that time, no matter how hard you try!

  3. CoNgRaTs!!!!! You two look so happy and happy parents = a happy child. Rowan is so lucky to be a part of your little family ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That’s such a sweet photo idea! Congratulations and happy anniversary!

  5. Yay, congrats guys!! Love that you’ve taken a little photo every year too, so cute! Martin & I will be celebrating our 8 years of marriage this year, and I LOVE everything you’ve written here Jen because it’s SO true and such a good reminder… as to what marriage is all about! You guys are such an inspiring couple & family! Wishing you lots & lots of amazing years ahead!! Hugs! V

  6. Congratulations Jen and Kev on 6 years!!

  7. Aline, Germany •

    You look so great in all of the photos and havenร‚ยดt changed a bit! Lovely! By the way – I cherish your blog very much and appreciate your thoughts in every post. Even though there is a big difference in our cultural background I can identify with your views very much. So thank you very much for sharing all of this!

  8. Congrats and here’s to more very happy years! Others have said it, but this is what marriage is all about- bringing out the best in each other so you can bring out the best in others. Rowan is lucky to have you two.

  9. Congratulations. My husband and I did that same tradition for our first anniversary. I can’t remember if we did it for number 2. Your little one is so adorable! I can’t wait till number 6! Hope you spend it well!


  10. I love your post! I totally agree that a strong marriage is a gift to give to your kids! Love your blog! Keep posting, and we’ll keep reading.


  11. Congratulations! You’re a darling couple.


  12. Aw, congrats! You guys are adorable, and glad you loved Prato ๐Ÿ˜‰


  13. Aww.. Congrats! Having a strong loving marriage is the best gift you can give Rowan – I totally agree! That last photo, such babies!:)

  14. Are you aware of the fact that you wear stripes on your anniversary most of the time? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway: Congrats!

  15. Yay congratulations!! What a great gift you two have given Rowan. A happy and healtyh marriage/parents. PS – I love Kev’s number 3 and Rowan’s participation in 6 haha!

  16. I agree whole heartedly with this post, marriage is the basis of a strong family!

    Congrats to you and Kev for always reminding yourself of that and for creating a life that reflects your values!

    Your family is beautiful (and totally gives me baby fever every time!),

    Virginie xo

  17. Laura •

    You guys are cuter than ever too! Happy anniversary, love you guys. xoxo

  18. Kelly •

    You two get hotter and hotter every year. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just can’t stand it.

  19. It’s really brave of you to admit you put your marriage first because it is the best gift you can give your child. I really believe that but some people are judgmental about things like that. My boyfriend thinks the same and I’m still scared if we have a kid that one of us might put the baby first. Hope that makes sense to you but basically thanks for saying what you said, it’s so good to know someone else feels that way. And congratulations, of course!

  20. stephanie •

    Congratulations! I love that in each photo, save for one, one or both of you is wearing stripes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wishing you many more happy years together!

  21. smixable •

    Congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚ You both look so cute. Is wearing stripes on your wedding anniversary also part of the photo tradition? ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. such beautiful words jen – you guys are a treasure. i am so happy for you both (and rowan to have you). congratulations on six beautiful years together. much love, suz xoxox <3

  23. oh and ps: you guys look even more gorgeous by the year – how is it possible!!!?

  24. Congrats on 6 years of marriage! Good advice and outlook on marriage, how to keep it going and what it means to both of you.

  25. Congratulations on six years of marriage, that is very exciting. On October 15, 2012 I will celebrate my first year anniversary. I love the photos you have marking your anniversary, I think I might do something similar.

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