A Canadian Goodbye…

Oh Canada! Our home and native land…

Sorry the insane amount of pictures. I couldn’t narrow them all down because I wanted my mom, dad and sisters to see them all. We all piled into my Dad’s big truck the other weekend and headed up to Ontario to say goodbye to my sister Carrie and her husband Joel. They decided to make the big move to British Columbia, so we went up to see Joel’s last show with his band and spend the weekend all together before they took off. While we were up there we got to see lots of cousins, Aunts and Uncles and my Grandparents too. Going up to Canada is always a jam packed weekend trying to fit everyone in but it is always so much fun. We got to eat at Cora’s right before we left which is always a crazy breakfast treat!! Mmmm so much fruit. Also, no trip home is complete with out lots and lots of candy from the bulk barn. Mmmmmmmm Smarties!

  1. Yay for Ontario!!! You successfully went to Bulk Barn, mad props, i’ll bet you got some good deals, especially the smarties! Win!
    You guys all look so happy and adorable! Schmea

  2. I cant believe im going to canada today without you! 🙁

  3. my mouth is watering just looking at those bags of candy! yum!!!

  4. Oh goodness those crepes look fantastic!

  5. Unnati •

    SMARTIES!!!! My favorite! I finished my last box from canada two days ago…i dont understand why we can’t find it in US. you have beautiful family! reminds me of my famiy and when we get together.

  6. Stefanie •

    Looks like you had an amazing trip to Canada! I always forget that you cant get Smarties in the states. I would love to send you a box or two of them 🙂

  7. Allison •

    Eeek! I live in Ontario but I’m from B.C. I wish your sister and her hubby all the best!

  8. Jessica •

    Unfortunately, we’re experiencing a little bit of “Junuary” here in Vancouver, but I’m sure BC will give your sibs some sunshine and love very soon <3

  9. Glad you enjoyed your time with family. Now that we don’t live close to family anymore I totally appreciate any visits we get. My husband used to go-kart full time so I’m all too familiar with go-karting tracks =)

    – Sarah

  10. A visit home is always good : ) It’s amazing how much Roawn looks like Kev!

  11. I am a Canadian and miss so many Canadian candies …. the one I miss the most is probable O’ Henry … we don’t have them here in California!!!

  12. These are fantastic family photos!

    xo Jennifer


  13. Such happy photos and a beautiful family! And I love the white polka dot dress you’re wearing! I think I’ve seen it on your blog before. Where’s it from?

  14. wonderful pictures! man, I miss Cora’s breakfasts, & bulk barn! it’s little things like that you miss when you move to a new country. Cora’s cinnamon brioche french toast is the greatesttt.
    it’s so lovely that you’re still close enough to see your family. you’re all so cute together. 🙂

  15. awww, these pics made me smile. especially the one with rowan looking so excited at the cars and the one with her in the round sunnies. 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  16. Liz h •

    I love that you included the bulk barn shot!! Can’t wait to get home to ON on the 11th of July! Darling pics as always Jen 🙂

  17. These pictures look so… Canadian! 🙂

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