Vacation According to Instagram

Here are just a few of my favorite instagram pics from vacation so far…


Playing at my Aunt’s pool | Beach bums | Pool | Kid dance party | Avocado Egg Toast | Little Mermaid | Glass Bottom Boat | I’m on a Boat | Key West Pool | Brevard Zoo

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  1. Haha, I’m convinced it’s a small world after all. I actually moved from Albany to work in Brevard County in Melbourne. Florida is awesome isn’t it? I miss NY like crazy (I can’t get used to how flat it is here) but hey- you cannot beat the weather (except the torrential downpours but I’ll take that instead of snow) and how close the ocean is! I’m glad your family had a great time here, enjoy it all =D

  2. Alison •

    The photo of Rowan on the boat and the little mermaid are my favorite! heheh
    Looks like a fun vacation!! Hooray for family time. 🙂

  3. ohmigosh, baby beach bum! how CUTE!
    so jealous of the gorgeous weather and swimming time. looks like you’re having so much fun! yay!

  4. what adorable pics! love the Rowan’s swimsuits – she is adorable!!!

  5. Trulie •

    Oh Rowan is starting to look so grown up, more and more like a little girl 🙂 Love the Beach Bum pic so cute! The kind of picture that she’ll never want anyone to see when she’s older :p I would know I have one of those.

  6. Oh my, you’re killing me with that little barenaked bum holdin’ her daddy’s hand. And you look adorable in that yellow suit. Looks like a nice time 🙂


  7. These are AWESOME! Some of them remind me of photos my parents have of vacations when I was little! 🙂 Instagram is so much fun.
    Aloha! Enjoy-

  8. becky. •

    oh wow! she is starting to look so little-girl rather than baby-ish. that was badly articulated… have a great time!

  9. I love the Brevard zoo, I was actually there two days ago! and you guys should definitely go to Disney since you’re in Florida.

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