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Do you love climbing trees? I sure do. I grew up hanging out in the forest, climbing trees in dresses. I feel like it’s a big joke with some of our friends that I am always over dressed with inappropriate shoes on for whatever it is that we are doing. Yet, I am still the one who is the most eager to do whatever that is. I have always been a dressed up tomboy.

Isn’t this bright yellow skirt just the cutest? Love the pattern and cute bell shape to it. Did you guys have a nice long weekend? We spent the weekend up in Canada visiting family and saying good bye to my sister because she is moving to British Columbia. I will have lots of pictures to share, but I left my camera in my Dad’s car and have to wait to get it back. Bummer!

Have a great day everyone!


Striped Boat Neck: Thrifted
BB Dakota Skirt: c/o Modcloth
Flats: Target
Belt: J.Crew (similar)

p.s. just ’cause I thought it was kind of funny…

  1. Awww! So cute!

  2. Aww, that last photo is priceless. Rowan, even when not happy she’s a little cutie pie!! And as always I’m drooling over your beautifully creative & effortless style Jen – I adore everything about this outfit!! And?! Oooh, your sister is moving to BC, where to?! Perhaps you’ll get the chance to visit Vancouver sometime!! Enjoy your day, sweet girl. xo V

  3. love the floral/stripe mix. that picture of rowan crying is perty cute.

  4. Haha, I’m usually completely overdressed for wherever we go and then always regret my choice of clothes because I can’t ‘do’ anything. I think I need to take a leaf out of your book! 🙂 I love the mix of stripes with the florals too, and the yellow skirt is just so cute! Have a lovely week, Jen!

  5. Great shots. Agree yellow skirts really memerizes me, going gaga for that skirt of yours. Definitely noted. 🙂 diablo 3 accounts for sale

  6. Alainna •

    That last picture of you & Rowan reminds me of all those awkward parenting moments: when your child starts screaming but only after the clerk starts checking you out, or when you are trying to gently slide them into the carseat at the park while they scream like you’re twisting their fingers & toes off, or when you are in the nursery at church listening to a message about generosity as your child screams “No, MINE!!” at a much younger baby wanting to share your child’s toys. All these moments to teach us about what it is to love. To lay down pride, impatience, & self comfort. Such a blessing He grants us when he gives us children!
    Oh, & I love the masculinity of the stripes juxtaposed against the cheery floral.

  7. Alainna •

    p.s. Those Target shoes must have been worth the money – I swear I’ve seen them around since the teaching days in MA. Close to 2 years now…right?

  8. What a fun combination of patterns! I love the yellow skirt, it’s just perfect for summer.

  9. I love the subtle pattern mixing – though I think stripes are pretty neutral, as far as patterns go. You look so great – such a perfect summer outfit, and I love the neon citron with yellow!

  10. You are seriously the most adorable! And that picture of Rowan is hilarious! Why are crying babies still so cute? Lol

    xo Jennifer

  11. i love the fun pop of neon!

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  12. Yellow and stripes is one of my favourite combinations at the moment! Love that you were a tomboy but a dressed up version hehe!

  13. I love yellow. It is perfect for a summer day! Wish you were making it here to Hawaii this summer, but maybe next…:)
    Aloha, and enjoy!

  14. Hilarious last photo. You take motherhood in such stride! You do it right! (and the outfit is very cute!)

  15. haha that last photo, ahh, life with a kid 🙂

    The stripes plus yellow look is so pretty!

  16. Love the stripes paired with the printed skirt- too cute!

    Love your blog- I can’t wait to make your s’mores dessert!

  17. I love the stripes-printed skirt combo. LOVE IT!

  18. Such a cute mix of prints in this outfit. That skirt is fantastic and perfect for summer with its bright yellow color.

  19. Jen! This is SO cute! Gosh I need to look back through your archives of late, I’ve been missing from blog-land! Cute outfit, cute pics, you are looking so great! xo!

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