Shop My Closet Pt. 3

I’ve set up another shop my closet. If you’re interested you can head on over and take a look at the goodies I put up. All prices include shipping. No International shipping at this time other than to Canada.

Shop Jen’s Closet!

  1. You love Canada <3

  2. Ooh I want that UO crop top but it’s not my size 🙁 (I have a very flat chest! haha)

    xo Jennifer

  3. i love the yellow shoes!


  4. Boo to no international shipping. Everything is so adorable.

  5. All the great stuff has been snapped up! But I still see a couple cool pieces. 😉 Hope you keep updating!

  6. Coveting that blue wooden necklace…and trying to keep my trigger finger away from the “add to cart” button!

    Have you had a good experience selling on Goodsie? I’ve been considering it and would love to know more about the ins and outs, if you don’t mind sharing.

  7. Just got my necklace, thanks so much!

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