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I signed up for another half marathon last week. It’s June 24th in Connecticut! Just over 5 weeks away. This will be my 2nd time running this particular race and my 4th half. I have been running a lot lately with my friend Lacey and we are already up to 9 miles. It always feels so good to get back into training. It helps me keep a lot of things in line like my food, sleep, exercise, and keeping a clear mind.

Whenever I start hitting longer runs on the weekend, I find myself getting into a very particular routine. I like to wear the same clothes (of course washed since the last week), eat the same food, drink the same thing, etc… Here are my most favorite items to wear and carry on all my long runs.

My Checklist:
1. Running Belt: This is a must have for long runs.
2. Nike GPS Watch: Ok, so I don’t have this yet, but I want one ooooh so badly!
3. Nike Capri Running Pants: I HATE running in shorts. I blame it on my hips and thighs. I don’t have stick legs and I’ll be honest and say my thighs touch when I run. Talk about chaffing- ouch! I always wear a pair of capri leggings when I run.
4. Running Hat: This is a new addition. I feel super nerdy when I wear it but sometimes the sun is just so dang bright and squinting and running for 2+ hours is not fun.
5. Nike Dry-Fit Tank: I just got the coolest striped one from Dicks Sporting Goods.
6. Asics Running Shoes: I am an addict. I wont buy anything but Asics.
7. Clif Shot Blocks: Hungry and fatigue sneak up quick on long runs. The GU packs turn my stomach but these fruit chews do the trick. Plus they are 95% organic.

Are you training for any races right now?

p.s. Someone asked in the comments what my favorite sports bra was? Well, this one is hands down my favorite!

  1. Nice picks lady.
    Now if only I could get motivated to actually get to the gym. 😉


  2. Emmilee •

    I hope this isn’t too personal of a question (please disregard if it is), but do you recommend a particular sports bra? Especially post-Rowan? I have struggled to find one that I like (and I’m not even a real runner).

  3. i look sooooo ghetto when i run!! i need new running gear pretty bad. maybe i’ll hit up some sales soon. but i totally agree about the asics and shot bloks. they’re my favorite! but i like the clif gu too. i do the espresso. but yeah, i can see how the texture would be gross. so glad your training’s going well!!! can’t wait to hear how race day goes!

  4. I’m running Hospital Hill Half Marathon in Kansas City, MO in a couple of weeks that i’m gearing up for. I bought a GPS watch this year and I love being able to run anywhere and know my distance. I am also too addicted to looking at my pace but whatever. I bought a Timex run trainer watch, I like it but it is not as pretty as the Nike one.

  5. I just started running for the first time three weeks ago and am up to running a mile everyday! I have 2 younger kids so my son follows on his bike and I push my daughter in a stroller. I use a jogging stroller when I’m with my friend who has one that I borrow, but at home I have to stick my daughter in the double stroller which is KILLER added weight in a neighborhood like mine, that is nothing but hills.

    My friend, who has always hated working out, just lost 50 lbs on weight watchers and is now running in races. She’s the one who got me hooked. We meet up for a 3 mile run once a week at a local park, which we take my kids to after the run is over. It’s HARD, but it is so rewarding. (P.S. my friend always says the same thing about shorts! She doesn’t know how anyone can wear them!)

  6. That Nike top is my favorite to run in, its so light! I am running a half marathon in August, so I’ll need to learn to get used to wearing my water belt (although I hate the sloshing around!) GOOD luck on your training! 🙂

  7. I’m the same as you. With my running I’m very particular about everything. I love the same tops, pants, socks even. I’m running a half on June 3rd and hoping for a full marathon in September. I can’t wait to do the long runs with the running stroller and baby J. He’s the best running partner.

  8. Essence Brown •

    Color Me Rad (Indianapolis) in September!
    My first 5K and I’m excited!
    If you haven’t heard of it I HIGHLY suggest you look into it!
    You wear white and they throw colored corn starch at you during the race =]

  9. Beach •

    Re: sports bras.

    I always seize an opportunity to talk up Moving Comfort sports bras! I’m a 36D, and nothing keeps these girls in line except their Fiona bra. I’ve been buying them for 5+ years and haven’t looked back!

    Good luck in your half!

  10. I just finished the Sporting Life 10km down Yonge Street in Toronto. It’s such a fun run and is for a great cause (a camp for kids with cancer). I’m hoping to run my second half marathon this fall. I agree with you wholeheartedly about all of your gear – and a hat is a total must for me. Keeps the sweat, sun and hair out of my face – which totally helps my mental focus!

  11. I just started trying to run, but I’m having a horrible time finding the right stretches to do and I end up having to quite before I want to because my calves and my shins hurt so bad, it would be really awesome if you did a post on stretching before running.

  12. Training for my first 5k right now! How did you know what running shoes to go with, Jen? I’m doing okay in mine right now but know that I’ll need a new pair relatively soon. Also, totally agree with you on the shorts; however, I do like running skorts – cute, comfy, and they hide any “problem spots.” 🙂

  13. Becka •

    My hubs has that watch and he loooves it!

  14. Good for you!
    It’s been the longest ever since I did an official race, and I’ve been SO craving it lately. It’s just gotten harder with the fourth kid and living out in the country…but I’ll be cheering for you, and hopefully won’t be long til I can do something like that too! 🙂 I think a half-marathon is the perfect distance. Plenty long, but not marathon-long! 😉

  15. that’s fantastic! i’m doing a 1/2 on father’s day. that will be my 5th. there is something about running and doing races! i love to run 5Ks too because I can be a bit more competitive with my time since it’s short distance. i still can’t believe you have run up to 7 miles with the stroller!!! i just can’t get past 3. our neighborhood (where i run) is crazy hilly though.

  16. I’m running my first half on June 24! Up to 10 miles and I honestly wish the race was sooner – ready to get it done.

  17. Great picks! I just ran my 4th full marathon in 2.5 years so I’m taking a break from the super long stuff but doing a woman’s 10k in NYC in June and some other fun stuff late summer. I was an Asics girl for years and just switched to Mizuno Waves and must say I love them. I’ve been eyeing that Nike tank for awhile, my friend just got it and loves it!

  18. I just bought capri running pants and i love them! they are the perfect length, even on hot days. wishing you the best in your half-marathon training! 🙂

  19. Good luck with your training! I just ran the Brooklyn Half and am going to look in tot he CT one!!! I definitely will try out those chews… I have had the watch for a year and its not amazing, and not too accurate 🙁 Try the Garmin, pricier but amazing reviews.

  20. Amanda •

    nothing like asics!

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