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It seems like my taste in clothing continues to change ever since becoming a Mom. I find myself heading in to my closet and purging more often than not these days. I got rid of a bunch of dresses a while ago and have been slowing adding some new ones back in. I got a few great ones from Modcloth last week. I can’t wait to take them to Florida with us when we go next month. This striped dress was one of the new ones. It fits perfect, is a good length and I see a millions ways to wear it. I layered it up the other day because it was still a bit chilly for a sleeveless dress.

Dress | Denim Shirt (has a super cute tie front) | Vest (similar) | Shoes

  1. Cute look Jen! It’s interesting how certain life events can dictate our style choices. I definitely feel like my style has changed too (much less apt to the super short/super tight)!

  2. Chasity •

    Ok, I am so confused by all the new links everyone is using to clothing websties. what is I can’t ever get any of these links to open. I would like to see the dress you are wearing on Modcloth’s website but can’t open any of the links…..

  3. Hi Chasity.
    I am not sure why the link won’t open for you but you could try this one…

  4. Cute outfit! I’m looking forward to seeing how you’ll style the striped dress. 🙂

    I recently purged a bunch of dresses from my closet too. I took it to a consignment shop and some clothing were not accepted because they were “juniors” style. What!? Really? I still had some “juniors” style clothing in my closet? Well, not anymore. After all, probably better for me to go for the “hip mom” look than to look like my daughter’s older sister. 🙂

  5. Is that Old Navy vest recent? That would go perfectttt with everything in my closet

  6. I like this very much! You look like an intrepid explorer 🙂

  7. Super cute outfit Jen!
    Looking great!


  8. Chasity •

    Thanks Jen! Technology just seems to dislike me. ; )

    LOVE your blog!!!

  9. Love the look Jen. I will forever love vests! And you look beautiful as always.

  10. Sweet outfit!

  11. Old Navy, you champ! I love the whole outfit but that vest has my pocketbook in its grasps.


  12. Super cute as always Jen!

    xo Jennifer

  13. I agree, life events seem to definitely change what I where. I also really like the vest and it was really creative the way you paired it with the top and dress!

  14. I LOVE this outfit, Jen!

  15. Adorable outfit, love the shirt layered over the dress and under the vest. You inspired me to pull out my Old Navy vest today!

  16. i adore that old navy vest!

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