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Mother’s Day is around the corner. Next week! I kind of love Mother’s Day. I love celebrating how awesome my mom is and now being a mom it’s fun to have a little special attention for the day. Being a Mom is such a blessed gift, make sure you celebrate the mom’s you know in your life next weekend!

Anyway, it is no secret that we LOVE Pinhole Press in our household. They are our go to place for awesome gifts. Mother’s Day is no exception. We got each of our Moms a beautiful framed print of Rowan and then a super cute list notepad. Each of the notepads say “Love You Grammy” on the front and then “Sending you Kisses” on the inside. I really like that you can print whatever you want on them.


*Funny story about the picture in the Frame. This scenario is called “The Reenactment” in our family. My mom and her sisters have a very special picture of them from when they were really little. In the picture 3 of them are sitting on a couch and the littlest one is laying across them all. Some how over the years whenever my Mom and her 3 sisters are together they take a picture “reenacting” the picture. It gets funnier and funnier every year. Anyhoo, last year at my cousins wedding my sisters and I took a picture with Rowan reenacting the photo. I know my mom will really love it.

  1. Happy Early Mothers Day Jen! 🙂 What a cute gift that is!

  2. Such a sweet gift idea…and story too. I’m sure both Moms are going to love their gifts! Happy early Mother’s Day to you too, and until then, wishing you a great week ahead!

  3. LOVE the picture – what a nice idea. It’s also nice to see/know that the thoughtful gifts are just as nice as the material gifts…I have to remind myself of that when shopping for my mom, as I never know what to get her. Thanks for sharing!!! Rowan is a cutie (loving pics of herself)!

  4. Thats an awesome idea

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