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How is everyone’s week going? We have been hanging out with family and doing a little bit of house hunting. I always feel like I have to dress a certain way when I go to see houses. I feel like I already look like a teen, so I wear a blazer to make myself feel a little more professional looking. I am crazy, I know. I don’t think a blazer will stop me from getting carded for buying spray paint, cough syrup, or rated r movies at walmart. I once even got asked (last year) if I was old enough to sit in the exit row on the airplane. I laughed and said “how old do you have to be?”. The flight attendant said “16”. Seriously? I don’t even look 16? I am not complaining. I would much rather look younger than say 90, but when I am out with Rowan I would like to not get so many teen mom looks from old ladies.

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  1. I love this outfit! Those colours look great together.

  2. Gorgeous dress Jen. You look really great!


  3. When I saw this post in my Bloglovin’ reader, I gasped and clicked on it immediately. I am in love with you dress and it looks stunning on you! I, too, get mistaken for being much younger than I am. I usually get 16-22 (I’m 25), especially if I’m not wearing any makeup. My mom looks much younger than she is too so I don’t mind it if I look like her!

    xo Jennifer

  4. so cute! your blog makes me smile! love following it on blog lovin xoxo

  5. That’s a wonderful dress. I love the colour! How did the house hunting go? Found anything nice?

  6. Haha, I’m with you there. I already look young for my age, and then married a man five years older than me who had a daughter very young. Now we have full custody of her so as far as most people know, I’m the only mom she has — which of course, looks like I must have had her when I was about thirteen. We’re actually fifteen years apart, so we’ve got kind of a Gilmore Girls thing going on, lol.

  7. I had my daughter when I was 19 so I can totally appreciate those “teen mom” looks. It is kind of a touchy subject for me because people make so many assumptions based on how old they THINK you are and how they THINK you are going to parent and act based on that silly number. I’ve seen so many people say that having a baby doesn’t change how they dress and such, but I definitely started dressing a bit more “grown up” or conservatively after having my little girl. Have you ever gotten, “are you the nanny from anyone?” Its my favorite =)

  8. I love this dress on you, it looks lovely!! I still get carded to buy certain things too, it’s kind of fun. Most people think my younger brother is much older than me, and are surprised to find out he’s actually 5 years younger!

  9. Jenny •

    Ugh Jen, I feel your pain. I’m 26 this year and people often think I’m in high school. On top of that I work at a university so no one takes me seriously because they always think I’m a student (which really shouldn’t make a difference, but it does!)

    However we will be the lucky ones when we’re in our 40s and still looking young!

  10. I do the same thing. I’m looking at flats with a friend, and keep carefully selecting outfits that say ‘why yes, I am a responsible, bill-paying person. Please let me live here.’

  11. Oh my gosh that’s hilarious they think you are 16! 😀 That’s definitely a blessing in disguise!

  12. Tina B •

    I feel your pain about looking younger! One night I took Evan with me while I played volleyball. Everyone asked me how old my little brother was!! Eek! The only time I really mind looking younger is when people don’t include me or take me seriously in a conversation. It’s like I have to wear I name tag with a “I am 34” on it so people can include me.
    Love your pretty pink lipstick with your outfit 😉

  13. Amelia •

    Holy cuteness batman! I love the dress+boots!

  14. Too funny Jen… I SO went through the same thing when Martin & I were going to open houses. I definitley felt the need to dress up, or I wouldn’t be taken seriously/thought too young. In any case, YOU look amazing in these photos and that outfit, swoon! I adore how you’ve styled the dress and that blazer is stunning with it. And yay, happy house hunting – super excited for you guys & can’t wait to hear more!! xo

  15. You are too cute! This coral color looks amazing on you 🙂

  16. ha! So funny. I’ve been doing the exact same thing when we go to look at a house. ‘Andrew- does this make me look older?’ 🙂 I think people assume me, Andrew, and Rinah are just a group of kids hanging out, most of the time.. (not too far from the truth)

  17. Ha, yeeeeeeah I often get asked what grade I am in…. and I’m 25. So I know exactly what you are talking about!

  18. Oh I love this outfit, that blazer has the best cut/fit ever!

    I totally understand the age thing, but its probably not as weird not having a kid. When I was 16 or 17 I was asked on multiple occasions if I was 12… once while going by MYSELF through a drive through! Forget when I worked at a junior high when I was 21, I would get stopped by the principal all the time, but the look on his face when he’d realize halfway through lecturing me was always worth it.

    Forever young!

  19. Oh, p.s. Last fall an old man at the grocery store wouldn’t let me go because he swore I was his 12 year old granddaughters friend.

  20. Longtime reader of you blog…this is my first time to comment because what you touched on REALLY bothers me in my day to day life. I am a 24 year old teacher and really I look 14…seriously if you think you look young ha (you do and I dont mean to say you look old!)…but Im very petite and parents constantly tell me I look like a student/teenager. It really makes me feel terrible but what can you do! Hopefully I’ll appreciate it one day!
    Love reading your blog and seeing the lovely pictures of cute little Rowan 🙂

  21. I have the SAME problem, but I’m not a parent yet. Yesterday they carded me at the grocery store with my beer and wine in the cart, which is normal and I don’t mind, but the cashier actually looked at my ID and said, “are you sure you’re 21?” Uh, yeah, last time I checked my birth date is still October 1987 just like it’s always been, and for the record, I’m a college graduate, and I’m on my way home from my full time job to make dinner for my husband. It doesn’t get much more “over 21” than that, jerk…
    Ok, I’m done now… 🙂

  22. Love the color & the dress, you look great! I definitely can relate, I must of looked like a teen, during my expectancy, people would always say to me…”you’re so young!” then I’d tell them my age, and then they’d feel bad…they were off by about 10+ years, haha!

  23. Melissa •

    The dress is a bit short. I can see how that might contribute to you not being taken seriously. Don’t get me wrong (I’m not a troll – promise), I wear dresses like that a lot but never to a place like work or a meeting or house hunting. I think they look fab, but they certainly send a strong message. It’s a lot of leg. Again, I’m not criticizing, I’m just sharing my experience. I’d say the same thing to my sister.

  24. I love this dress! I’ve seen it on quite a few blog’s over the last few months. I totally feel you on the dressing a certain way…last year my boyfriend and I actually got turned down by a landlord for an apartment because we were ‘too young’ even though we both have permanent full time jobs. I got carded going in to an R rated movie last week and I’m 24! The worst.

  25. You look STUNNING in that dress! That color really suits you.

    I wish I had your problem of getting carded all the time! I used to be really young-looking for my age, but now no one asks for my ID anymore, not even at the liquor store…And for some reason that makes me feel sad 🙂

  26. Haha I definitely don’t understand why people would give you teen mom looks! You don’t look like a teenager, but you look perfectly the age you should look. You look young, but not that young! I’m often scared people will give me those looks in the future. I’m really short and people always would guess my age way lower. I can only hope that trend will continue!
    Also, your dress is such a pretty color! I love the blazer paired with it too. Very cute outfit.

  27. This coral is a great colour on you! I get that “teen mom” look now that I’m pregnant all the time! My first visit to my OB, the secretary asked me, “will your mother be joining you for the appointment?” I was caught off guard and said “What? No…why would she need to be here?” And the woman was like “oh, just sometimes young mothers need more support.” What? lol. I’m 28! To make it even more ironic, I thought I was going to be judged by the OB, but when I went in to meet her, she couldn’t have been much older than me! She looked about 18 too! Too much. As my mother says “a lot of older people think anyone younger is much younger than they are because they don’t realize how old they’ve gotten.”

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