A Weekend Hike…


Rowan climbed her first mountain on Saturday! My cousin and her husband drove down from Canada this weekend to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Boston and to visit us. On Saturday, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a hike. Rowan loved scaling all the rocks and picking up walking sticks. Although, she wasn’t all that skilled at climbing up the side of a mountain. Ha! There was lots of piggy back rides and hand holding to get her to the top. She loved every minute of it though. There was quite a lot of screaming on the way down because she didn’t want to leave.

Being outside in the fresh air is truly good for the soul. It is so refreshing! There isn’t much that I love more. What is your favorite thing to do outside?


  1. the picture of her on the bench kills me – shes just too darn adorable! so fun!

  2. Too cute!! I love Wachusett and it is right by my apartment! Last spring I hiked it after eating an enormous brunch at the Old Mill. Have you been there? The cinnamon buns are AMAZING!

  3. Ben climbed his first mountain with a bit of bribery (we told him there was a dragon nest at the top). When we got to the top we blew up balloons and we like ‘wow look- dragon eggs’ but Ben just looked at us like we were stupid and said ‘no, they’re balloons’!Rx


  4. Hahaha! I hate to say it, but I love that I’m not the only one with family photos that look like we’re torturing the toddler (I suppose we are since we’re making him be still – torture for my toddler). She’s adorable!!

  5. Since moving to south Florida last summer, our absolute favorite thing to do is explore the Everglades!! My boyfriend and I have come within a few feet of huge alligators and battled pesky mosquitoes and wet season rain in the pinelands. We hope to check out the Cypress National Preserve soon and I can’t wait to get back on a boat to collect river water samples along the west coast waterways (I’m an environmental chemistry PhD student and the Everglades is also one of the areas we research!).

    I put up lots of cool Everglades pictures in this post if you want to check it out! http://whatnomints.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/we-walked-with-dinosaurs/

  6. You know that old commercial that goes, “waaaaah, wah-ah-wachusett?” When we were little my friend always thought it was saying, “Watch what you say.” lol

  7. Rowan is so precious! What a cutie.

    And well done to her (and you) on the effort! 🙂

  8. This looks like a great day! Of course we love to spend time outside here in Hawaii, but I do admit missing some of those beautiful, but chilly days in the Northwest–It’s SO much fun to be outside on days like that!
    Levi just read this post with me and pointed the whole time saying “baby!!” haha–since he’s a whole 23 months…He thinks he’s so big I guess! 🙂 I think he likes Rowan…

  9. She does not want to stay still, does she? Those last two pictures kill me. The first she’s all “NOOOO! I want to plaaaaay!” and then in the next, she’s clearly thinking, “Freedom!” Brilliant.

  10. Lauren •

    Woooooo!! University of Guelph, your cousin and I went to the same school as me and my hub!! These pictures are amazing.

  11. Wawa! I used to climb that mountain as a kid and when we got to the top, my step dad would have us collect a rock which we took to tcby and ‘traded’ for a parfait. So fun!

  12. What a cute mountaineer she is! We just love to walk around the neighborhood and observe nature

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