Style File | 04.25.12

Yesterday was kind of the worst day in a long time. It was also not the greatest day to take outfit pictures. The wind was not my friend and neither was the sun. Every time I would set the exposure and go to take a picture it would instantly change. The sun kept coming out then in seconds it would be so cloudy it looked like it was going to pour buckets any moment. I know it’s silly to complain about taking pictures of myself so I’ll stop. Well, one last complaint… I even took the time to curl my hair today. Stupid wind blew it straight and stringy looking in a matter of seconds. Grrrrr!

Bad conditions aside- I was in LOVE with this outfit yesterday. I bought this J.Crew shirt the other day and no joke I have worn it every day since. It is the perfect weight and goes with everything.


The wind was up to no good…

STRIPED SHIRT | BUTTON UP (similar) | JEANS (similar) | Necklace (similar) | SHOES

  1. I can see how windy it was. Your outfit and hair both look great. 🙂


  2. NOOOO. Wind ruining things is the worst. But you look adorable. Outfit inspiration times a million for me!

    A Refreshed Take Off

  3. Your hair looks awesome, even when it’s wind blown!

    I love all the colors in this outfit. They work well together.

  4. it’s ok! things aren’t always perfect. love that you just went with it. also, that top is insane. i need it!

  5. I totally have the same striped shirt, but the 3/4 sleeve version in navy and white – I love it’s versatility and have worn it many many times since I purchased it a couple years ago 🙂

  6. i cannot believe that that necklace is from h&m. is it recent? if it is im literally running there after work. just straight up sprinting.

  7. ahhh wind, how you can so be the enemy sometimes! I love this outfit, great striped shirt!!

  8. Dont worry about the wind! Nice sweater and love your cute shoes 🙂

  9. Aw I hope you are having better days now! At least you looked cute! 😉

    xo Jennifer

  10. Your shoes are really cool!

  11. So pretty! The jewelry really sets off the top. I love your casual style. Very cute blog~ Happy to have come across it.

  12. Perfection, love….perfection combination of layering with style 🙂 Love your black and white stripes with your brown shoes!! <3 <3

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