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The hints of warm weather have my legs screaming to be out in the open. As soon as there is one warm day I instantly feel like it is time to ditch the tights and jeans. It’s a litle premature though as yesterday smacked me in the face with temperatures in the 30’s. Brrr. I was able to wear some jean shorts last week on some of the warmer days. I love jean shorts! Do you? Hope my white legs aren’t too blinding. They desperately need a date with the sun.

Operation Long Bangs is going ok. I haven’t been tempted to cut them, but I just kind of hate the length at the moment. I am trying, trying, trying to get more creative with hair styles to help like them. It isn’t working so well, but here was my attempt to french braid my bangs in to my hair and then in to a side pony tail…



  1. I am dying to break out my jean shorts. They are the epitome of summer for me. I love them with this open weave sweater. For some reason, I LOVE long sleeved shirt and sweaters with shorts … my husband makes fun of me and says that I can’t make up my mind what season I wanna be in. =)

  2. Super cute outfit Jen.
    Love that first one where you’re flying. 🙂

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  3. Those shorts are from Target? Need. You look adorable.

    A Refreshed Take Off

  4. I’m growing out my bangs too – I just got a trim on Saturday, and it made a world of difference! My stylist was able to blend the old bangs with the rest of my hair, so it’s less wonky. I wish I went sooner!

  5. I LOVE my jean shorts – I live in them & my american eagle denim mini skirt too, both are such perfect basics!! And I’m totally going to have to nab this look as inspiration, so pretty and those flats are CUTE!! Hope your Monday is a fab one Jen! xo V

  6. I really really like this outfit, so perfect for just everyday yet so super cute … those shoes are really great!!

  7. You look totally adorable. Love this casual look.

  8. Love the gingham mixed with the textured sweater. So cute!

  9. Cute , fun and comfy! Who could ever ask for more?

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  10. I love those shoes!

  11. i love the pink sweater! yay for spring!
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. I happen to love my bangs, but when they do get too long, to get em out of my eyes I twist them toward the side, by taking a little bit of hair each time when you twist. Then, I secure it with a bobby pin. Hope it works for you!


  13. You look so cute and yeah, my legs are translucent – like deathly white – compared to yours. haha! I’m growing my bangs out and they are driving me nuts, I’m going to try the french braid, it looks so great on you!

  14. cute look! love that sweater!! xoxo linds of

  15. You look adorable! That pink sweater is such a great color especially layered over top that gingham top.


  16. love the sweater and shirt combo, so cute!


  17. Okay, first off. You’re flying!
    Land’s End Canvas is such a secret treasure! My bangs are at a weird stage too. I can’t decided whether I want to grow them out or not so I’ve been putting off doing anything with them. Maybe one day I’ll make a decision.

    But probably not. 🙂

  18. For some reason, I adore the mix of sweaters and shorts haha You’re too cute!

    xo Jennifer

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