Coolest Collaboration Ever!!


For the past few months, us girls over at The Style Mentors have been working with the super awesome company Theit to design their next camera bag. Umm, how cool is that? I am pretty dang excited. Theit already makes one of the hipest/resonably priced camera bags out there, but later this year will be adding one of our designs to the mix!!

Here is the extra fun part! Melissa, Brandy and I each designed our own dream camera bag and you guys get to vote which one you like the best! Which ever bag gets the most votes will go into production later this year. Head over to The Style Mentors to cast your vote now!

p.s. You can enter to win the winning bag by leaving a comment on either Melissa’s or Brandy’s posts. Go win yourself a new camera bag!


  1. How amazing!!! That is so neat that you each got to design a bag. I honestly love them all. I just voted. 🙂

  2. That’s awesome!!

  3. This is SO awesome, Jen! Congratulations! XO

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