Weekly Parenting Ups & Downs


1. I love bringing Rowan to experience new things. On Tuesday, Rachel, Addy, Rowan and I went to one of the beautiful old churches in Troy to listen to a Jazz Concert. Once a month the church brings in a band for a free concert for the area. This month was Jazz. It was awesome. The music was wonderful, the church is breath taking (think old churches in Europe) and it was just so cute watching the girls dance and clap to the music

2. The weather has brought out the best in us. We go for walks and bike rides as a family every day. They are by far the best moments of the day. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

3. The love that Rowan has to share is just beyond the best thing ever. She is so affectionate. Little kids, her stuffed animals, Kev and I, she just wants to hug and kiss everything. I love it.

1. There is always good and bad with getting out there and bringing your little one places. I try to never let the bad out weigh why I bring her, BUT there is always a level of stress that goes along with having a toddler with you. We had a ton of fun at the concert but I left pretty frazzled. Rowan kept yelling “addy” really loud at really quiet times, as well as yelling “poop” when Rachel was changing Addy. There was a balloon sharing issue, crying, getting cream cheese all over the pew, and lots of squirmy little ones.

2. The word “No”. Let’s just leave it at that.

3. Picture this scenario if you will… I get all dressed up, get Rowan all dressed up and we pack our things into the car and head over to the Montessari School open house. After I put her in her car seat, I decide to give her a granola bar to eat while we drive there. We drive the 25 mins over to the school. I am already nervous because well, it’s a weird thing to go check out a school for your kid. You want them to like you and think your kid is a genius of course. I go to get Rowan out of the back seat, I look at her and she is completely covered in chocolate. I gave her the wrong kind of granola bar (I had brought 2- one chocolate chip and one peanut butter) I didn’t even notice when I gave it to her because we were in a rush. Her pretty dress, legs, face, hair, everything was completely smushed with melted chocolate. She was a complete mess. Thank goodness for baby wipes and a spare sweater in the car. Whoops. I could’t help but break out laughing. Such a funny situation.

  1. I know it was a down for you, but I can’t stop laughing at the granola bar thing. For the life of me how little kids can manage to cover themselves in sticky messes in the time it takes to blink. I’m sure the Montessori people understand that too, since they deal with little kids. Despite the annoyance, I hope your visit to the school went well!


  2. the good thing is, your going to laugh about all those moments later on 🙂

  3. I think if I had been in the crowd with her yelling poop I may not have been able to contain my laughter.

  4. Stressful at the time but now you’re left with something to write about 🙂 does rowan have to be potty trained to go to school?

  5. Uhh… you are describing things that all toddlers do. Maybe don’t look at them as “downs”… look at them as your daughter is developing in a healthy, natural way. Many parents don’t have the luxury to say that.

  6. oh goodness, the good, the bad, and even the “poop”, it all seems worth it 🙂
    xo TJ

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