Friday Afternoon…


We spent a lovely afternoon at Hoffman’s Playland with the Naylor’s last Friday. There is really nothing better than watching your little one experiencing new things for the first time and just have the best time! Can’t wait to go back again soon.

p.s. I am still in shock that Rowan is old enough to ride little rides by herself. Omgosh!
p.p.s Thanks to Rachel for the picture of all 3 of us.

  1. Looks like you guys had a lovely time.
    I think Rowan is going to be so happy and grateful when she’s older, to see her life being documented so beautifully and with so much love.
    You could easily convert you mix of style and parenting stories in a wonderful book. 🙂


  2. Your bangs are growing out nicely! Cute!

  3. So, so cute! That looks like so much fun.

    It’s so exciting when they can ride the rides by themselves! It’s nerve-wracking, at the same time. :/

  4. Fun! And that red gingham dress is SO cute!!

  5. oh man! that top picture of Rowan is sooooo gorgeous!!! She’s just the most precious little thing! I bet she gets away with a lot with those eyes 😉

  6. fab photos, looks like you had a great time!


  7. I used to take the kids I nannied for to Hoffmans! And everyone in my graduating class worked there as a teenager.

  8. I swear, you have THE cutest family! Glad to hear you had a great time! Looks like Rowan did too :]

  9. So cute, and YES–new experiences are the best. Great reminder for me too, gotta keep seeking those things we all take for granted that are very exciting for the little ones! Great photos…

  10. haha love how there’s a random ponytail in the second to last picture!

  11. Rowan is such a pretty little lady!

    xo Jennifer

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