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Happy Monday All! I love the week before Easter. I feel like it is so exciting! New dresses to get, lots of candy, easter egg making, gathering goodies for easter baskets, getting all the decorations together for our church services. It is just an all together fun week. Plus, I think the sun is going to be out all week. Bonus!

We spent yesterday going to a million different open houses. We are thinking of taking the plunge again into home ownership. haha. It’s been almost 3 years since we sold our first house. We have loved living in our loft apartment but I am ready for a yard and a basement! Especially with a kid- we need some more space. We are actually looking into building a house. Everything is new and just ideas but it’s all exciting and scary at the same time.

Well, this post actually had nothing to do with this outfit. Whoops.
I am loving colored pants just like everyone else…


Jean Jacket: J.Crew
Stripped Blouse: J.Crew
Cranberry Jeans: Forever 21
Sandals: Blowfish (last summer)
Necklace: Forever 21
Purse: Foley and Corinna (c/o last summer)

  1. Great clean, pretty outfit Jen. You’ve given me an idea on how to style my purple jeans:


  2. Lovely colored jeans! (PS: I hope the house behind you in the pictures isn’t one of the open houses you went to – LOL!)

  3. Great outfit! Good luck with home ownership round 2, very exciting!

  4. love this outfit. i’m a sucker for stripes. pretty much wear them 5x a week 😉
    oh, the joys of home ownership! we actually just sold our house and haven’t found a new one yet. we talked about building, but we just love older homes too much. best of luck with the search!

  5. Your week sounds wonderful & very similar to mine, yay sunshine, and I’m getting so excited for Easter service at our church, it’s always my favourite!! And so happy for you guys – house hunting is way too much fun & building your own home sounds absolutely incredible!! Love how you styled these coloured jeans too Jen – enjoy your week! xo veronika

  6. Congrats on the new house search! I hope you find what you are looking for.

  7. Good luck house hunting, we’re doing that as well! Hoping to find something before we have to move in December. Love your striped top!

    By the way, I followed your tutorial for the sculpey necklace this weekend to make one of my own and I love it. Thanks again for sharing!

  8. that’s true – easter is the best excuse (after december and christmas) for buying and eating a lot of chocolate and making an easter cake 😉
    and I love your outfit, you look great! and good luck with the house-search!

    xxx Anita

  9. Happy Monday 🙂

    Those shoes are awesome!

  10. Laura •

    You look so skinny! I love the collar on that shirt. Building a house, amazing! I was just browsing homes online for fun, I love open houses.

  11. I love it too! What a great time of year. What are you wearing for Easter? Can’t wait to see, if you do an outfit post! I found the cutest white dress – gonna go with my staple, white dress & denim jacket.

    Cute outfit today!

  12. Lindsey •

    Good luck with the house hunting! My parents built two houses in my lifetime, so if you ever want info/advice/knowledge from someone who has a tiny bit of knowledge about it (or at least experience with it) feel free to email me! It definitely has its pluses and minuses.

  13. I just love this outfit 🙂 I just busted out my jean jacket circa 1998 and I hope it looks as good on me as that outfit does on you!

    We are building a house right now! It was so scary getting all the info to the bank, finding a contractor and whatnot, but now that we have a foundation and walls, the fun stuff (like paint colors and decorating) is just around the corner! If you have any questions or want to see some pictures of our progress I’d be happy to share. We don’t know ANYONE else our age who is building right now, so that made it a little bit scarier. But like I said, once you actually find land and start building, it’s all downhill (hopefully!) from there! We plan to host Thanksgiving in our new house this year if all goes well! 🙂

  14. very cute! love the colored jeans with the jean jacket! that would be so amazing to build your own home, i would love to do that someday! i grew up in a house my dad built and i always loved that. good luck with whatever you guys decide!

  15. Cute casual look

  16. Birta •

    Oh boy. I’m looking at apartments to buy with my husband, it’ll be our first home that we buy together. It’s exciting and scary at the same time as it’s in a country that I’ve never lived in but been to lots of times before.

    Good luck with everything!

  17. i love the colored pants! and i cant wait to find out what you end up doing with your home!!! how exciting! i wanna own a home sometime in the next few years 🙂

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  18. I just bought those jeans! They look GREAT on you. Thanks for giving me a styling idea!

  19. Those jeans are from Forever 21? Um, I’m making a trip there! haha
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

    xo Jennifer

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