Our Week in Snapshots…

Not too much to share this week. Just a few favorite moments and some sneak peaks at craft projects I’ve been working on. If you are in a bookstore this month make sure to peak in Ladies Home Journal and see my Easter Egg picture from my DIY post last year. Always cool to see your stuff in a magazine. You can also see it up on their website.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends.

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  1. Ooooh, the pic from your special project looks fun! Can’t wait to see what it is!


  2. Lucky lady with all that Korkease! Werk it werk it!! And Kev playing with Rowan is precious! The lighting in your home is stunning, so cheerful and bright! The wall art you’ve done is a great idea…if only I had your talent/creativity/patience.

    I can’t believe Easter is right around the corner! I’m sure it will be so much fun this year since Rowan is so active and older! Can’t wait to see pictures of her in her dresses and in her cute little shoes!

    Always love stopping by your blog, Jen! Such a happy place to visit <33

  3. Wow Oh Wow! That is a heavenly collection of Kork-Ease! I’m jealous! So awesome:)

  4. love your photos, as always! that’s so exciting to have your easter eggs featured in a magazine! i’m going to have to try those for easter this year.

  5. katie •

    congrats on your article! that last photo looks amaaaazing. you should do a DIY post on it!!

  6. What are your tricks for getting the photos so bright? I love them all! Always disappointed in how dark mine turn out and I’d love to brighten the pictures up of my little guy!

  7. Great photos–love them all…but I WAS hoping to see the one that Kev posted on Twitter with Rowan drinking from the “I swear it’s just water” bottle! 😉 LOVED that one! hehe.
    Fun Easter eggs too–ugh, now it reminds me I better get to that with my boys!

  8. Gorgeous shoes! (for both of you!)

  9. Jen, where are your new shoes from?

  10. congratulations on getting to see your work in print! that has to be very exciting. i am also admitting right here and now that i am a grown woman who is jealous of rowan’s wardrobe.

  11. Soo cute!
    Cutest shoes ever {for both of you!!}
    That is soo exciting about your article!!

    You guys are the cutest!


  12. love the kork-ease. where did you find them (especially that cute brown sandal!)

  13. What do you think of the Kork-Ease Felicia? Will you be doing a review post? I can’t wait to see what you think!

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