Our Week in Snapshots…

As I was editing all the photos from this week I realized that almost every single one was of us at a park. Haha. I guess it is safe to say we spent a good amount of time outside this week. Rowan loves the park. We have been driving or walking to different ones around the area lately, we are still on the search for the perfect one.

Happy Weekend!

  1. her little leather shoes are killing me! i think they’re just about the most gorgeous thing i’ve ever seen…

  2. So sweet! And now I have the biggest craving for kiwi!!! <3

  3. Very, very, very cute pictures!!! My favorite is the belly picture!

  4. I think dinosaur toys should put that park at the top of the list!

  5. She has such a great personality! You can just tell from her photos! I love the baby belly photo and the first photo of her and the duck!

  6. Amanda B. •

    I agree with Mallory, dinosaur park is #1.

  7. elecia •

    I recommend the tiddler playground in schenectady’s central park. She could climb on everything without help, and the rest of he park is great to walk around.

  8. Michelle •

    Wow Jen!
    Rowan looks like your mom to me in that 4th from the bottom pic of the 2 of you
    So cute! 🙂

  9. posts like these make me want to have beh behs NOW! Thanks for sharing 🙂 you have a beautiful family!

  10. Such happy photos! I love Rowan’s coral skirt and polka dot sweater – where are they from?

  11. daisymay •

    She is adorable and it looks like you had lots of fun!]Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  12. Rachel •

    Love it! Have you been to the one in Clifton Park Commons behind the ice rink? It’s all wooden, it was built in the early 90s, I played there as a kid! As I remember it, it was pretty sweet hahaha. While you’re up there stop in Mochalissa’s for a drink or a snack, yummm

  13. looks like a fun weekend! love the pictures of rowan playing basketball, too cute!

  14. That baby belly <3. Got to love spending time outdoors !

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