Style File | 03.22.12

I seriously can not get over this weather. It is going to be 82 today. 82! In March! We are very spoiled and I am trying not to take it for granted. We have been able to hangout outside everyday for like the past week and a half. It’s been amazing. Yesterday, we went for a super long walk and on that super long walk Rowan threw my keys overboard (don’t ask why I gave them to her in the first place) and well, we lost them. For like 2 hours we were scurrying around trying to find them before it got dark. No luck! Guess what though? Someone found them out in the town and must have lived in our building and recognized the keys because they returned them to the office this morning. Ahhh I couldn’t believe it. Thank you , Thank you!!!

We are off to get our taxes done this morning. Pray I return in one piece and don’t die from the shock of what we owe.


Jean Jacket: J.Crew
White Button Up: American Apparel
BB Dakota Dress: c/o Lulu*s
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: American Eagle
Sunglasses: Target


  1. My favorite! I’m shamelessly copying this, um, tomorrow.

  2. Dee Fnx •

    I love your dress and shoes! And that’s a great story about getting your keys back.=)

  3. You look super cute. I love the stripes on the dress. xo, rv

  4. The weather you guys have is fantastic, and speaking of fantstistic that striped dress is! So glad your keys were returned to you, good luck with the taxes!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. steph nelsen •

    cute outfit and i love the new blog design!

  6. Oh, so nice to see the sun, right? That is so good for you!
    And the taxes….ugh…my least favorite thing ever!!
    I love the denim–maybe it’s the 80’s in me, but I’ll forever love denim jackets and vests! 🙂

  7. So glad you got your keys back! I have had moments of panic like that before when I was babysitting.

    I have been eying that dress for a while now via modcloth. I live in Virginia Beach so we get Spring…but it moves on to summer pretty quickly. As such, I tend to need things that are great for spring but then transition well into the summer too. I think that dress would do that perfectly!

  8. How wonderful to have your keys back!
    That dress is the cutest. And hope it goes okay at the tax agent’s.
    Ronnie xo

  9. Love this dress on you Jen! I own the matching top.
    I also used that same pattern as inspiration for the current header on my blog!

  10. Ohhh I saw this dress is last month’s Lucky mag and have been lusting after it ever since. It is so great for summer!

  11. Marlen •

    It ceases to amaze me the awesome finds you can get at Target. I was staring at your sunglasses and hoping you didn’t get it somewhere fancy so I’d be forced to spend a good portion of my grocery money- and you didn’t! I’m totally running there after work.

    Also, I have a similar dress as you and now I’m inspired to wear it out today. You look lovely!
    And talk about good fortune for someone finding your keys, what are the chances?

  12. You are so beautiful!!!! 🙂 I’m so jealous of your legs!
    Xoxo, Sarah

  13. Yay for warmth and sunshine. Your look is perfect.

  14. elaine •

    do you really wear those boots to play soccer in, or is that for the photo shoot? they are cute!

  15. This weather HAS been amazing!!! So scary crazy….two snow days in Eugene, Oregon where my parents live….we’ve swapped weather! Enjoy the sunshine!

  16. What a great dress – those chevron-esque-stripes are super flattering, aren’t they?

  17. I lve that first picture of you and your daughter! So sweet! Love the dress too!

  18. I love that dress!! I tried it on in Austin and almost got it–still want it. Such a cute way of styling it too.

  19. Love the layering here 🙂
    Very lucky to have such a good neighbor to bring your keys back… little girls sure are sneaky 😉 haha

    xo Jennifer

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