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When you were a kid did you have a cup that you loved so much, that you would fight your sisters (brothers) over  who got to drink out of it for every meal? haha. I did. I can’t help but have favorites of things I use on a regular basis. I thought it would make a fun little series to share some of these favorite things. None of them are all the special, just items that I seem to gravitate towards using more often than not.

Do you have favorites items in your house?








  1. i love this “favorites” post! great idea!!

  2. I’m with you on the Prismacolor pencils. You cannot beat the quality. They blend so effortlessly. Loved this peek into your life! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this series idea! And that Blue Jays glass is amazing. Love the old school logo!

  4. Krystal •

    This post is my favorite;) well after the posts about Rowan!!!!:):) I love seeing what you love! And I do agree about Chai tea and colored pencils! I sadly have dollar store colored pencils for my 4yr old and they don’t work well. At. All. 😉 thank you do much for sharing your favorites:):)

  5. Kusmi Tea! I love this stuff, I discovered it while I was skiing in France one winter and haven’t been able to track it down anywhere since. Where do you get yours? Online?

  6. Love that Chanel polish! And I love your thrifed glasses.

  7. i love this idea for a post! how fun to see the little things that you use all the time and love!

  8. Oh yes–I have so many (slightly weird) favorites–especially my coffee mugs–I still get grumpy if they aren’t available when I need them. 🙂
    Great post–

  9. What color is the Chanel polish? It’s so pretty!

    Oh, Prismacolor! Brings me back to my art student days…

  10. First time commenter here! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog and your sweet family! I’m still in highschool but I just love your blog 🙂
    question: how do you write on your pictures? what website/program do you use?

  11. What are all the nail polish names? i love that green!

  12. This is awesome. Those favorite cups from childhood? My mom split them among us four kids, and now I can have OJ out of the weird brown cups I can’t help but LOVE. I adore your glass with the flowers on it, by the way. I’d be drinking out of that one all the time. 🙂

  13. LOVE this post 🙂

  14. I *love* prismacolor indigo blue pencils. Can’t draw anything without one.

    Also, I love my name, which your daughter also has! (dif. spelling)

  15. this is such an amazing post! i have my favourites too 🙂

  16. You definitely have me thinking about my own favorites, and I realized I have a few items that I pick every time—rings, earrings, mug, even running t-shirt! if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it 🙂

  17. Love this idea for a post. Prismacolor and tazo chai are my favourite too!

  18. I think this is such a cool idea — (I might have to do one of my own..) I like that your blog is taking more of a personal turn nowsdays. I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it would be really cool if you started showing more of your artwork. As an artist myself I love it everytime ya do!

  19. yay for friendship bracelets!

  20. I thrifted an amazing blue glass with this awesome checkerboard texture and I. Loved. It. It was my favorite glass and I used it constantly… until my husband broke it while he was doing the dishes one day. I was more upset than I care to admit, and have been on the hunt for a new favorite glass ever since!

  21. This post was so cute. I love it!

  22. what a fun post!

  23. Okay, I am a longtime blog stalker, but I just have to know: what do you use for your pictures and graphics? I love everything about this post!

  24. What a great idea for a blog post! I think you’ve inspired me to do something similar 😉
    Also, I love your nail polish choices- I always wished I could get my hands on the Chanel Jade. That colour was a limited edition, wasn’t it?

  25. Yeaaaahhh blue jays! 🙂
    Also, those are great nail polish colours!

  26. Julianna •

    I don’t know why but I love this feature! Maybe because I have a lot of favourite objects.. I think that everyone is particular about funny little things like that! It’s nice to pay attention to those little preferences.

  27. natalia •

    Oohhh, love the nail polish shades! I usually go for some shade of corally-pink/orange whenever I’m doing my nails.

    Also, GO JAYS

  28. Aw wish I could make you some real indian chai!

  29. This post makes me smile. It really is the little things isn’t it.

  30. oh my gosh I use TAZO’s Organic Chai tea too! It’s sooo good! Just as good as Starbucks’ chai tea!


  31. I love this post! I have been thinking a lot lately about aesthetics and the things in my house that are my favorites, and the things I could definitely part with. What a great exercise in recalling what our favorite things are in life – definitely adds a nice feeling to the day, doesn’t it?

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