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Life moves pretty fast around here (haha Ferris Bueller?). I feel like in a blink of an eye the last 6 years of my life have flashed by. I have loved every moment but this weekend it really hit me all that has come to be. Ever have one of those moments where you feel like you are outside your body looking around at your life. haha. That was me this weekend. Saturday started like any other Saturday: Rowan woke up, we cuddled on the couch, we ate a few cherrios, we put on some music, we took a bath, we made some breakfast and then in the middle of cooking scrambled eggs it hit me… This is my life. My Saturday is not just my Saturday anymore. As I thought about that I realized that I am ok with it. In fact, I LOVE IT. There I was, singing out loud to Rowan as we danced around cooking breakfast and well, I couldn’t imagine it being any other way. I think sometimes after becoming a mom we (I mean me) can get swept up in remembering the times you could stay out late, eat a slow meal, go out with friends, take a relaxing vacation and decorate your house all fancy. Then on the bad days, when your kid is screaming on the floor, you wish it was simple again.

Saturday morning was nothing special. It was just our regular routine, but it hit me in the middle of that routine that I truly love being a Mom. Maybe this comes sooner to others than it has for me. Don’t get me wrong though, I haven’t been walking around the last 18 months hating it. I just don’t think as a whole I have ever been so in love with it as I am now. This whole weekend was one of the best weekends we have had in a really, really long time. We got to play outside for a good 90% of it and I think that really makes a difference. The winter blues are terrible. Being outside really is good for your soul…


  1. What a beautiful post and a beautiful perspective. I couldn’t agree more. It’s an interesting dicotomy of missing things the way the were yet never wanting anything to change. The push and pull of life. Like I find myself saying I can’t wait until my son is out of this teething stage… but then I pause and realize that means he’s out of the cuddle and grab my diaper as I pronounce “ca-ca” stage. The yin and yang of life. Motherhood is such a beautiful journey.

    Ashley @

  2. I can TOTALLY relate to this post. I love your blog (and usually just lurk without commenting), but I felt I needed to today ;). I have a 19 month old son and I feel like I am JUST starting to fall into the motherhood “groove” and actually LOVE it. Of course I love my son and did from the second he was born, but I didn’t instantly love giving up my old life :s. Now I am settling into a new normal though and really digging it :). Thanks for sharing, sometimes it is nice to hear other moms are sharing a similar path!!

  3. Im right there with you jen, I feel like this past weekend is the one I will remember forever…i love being Brycens mom! The warm weather brings out the best in everyone 🙂

  4. This is so sweet. 🙂 We had a great weekend, too, despite being sick. I think the weather contributed to the good vibes!

  5. everything is better after some time in the sunshine–parenting especially, i think. there is nothing better for our little family than fresh air and running around in some warm weather.

  6. Elizabeth •

    Where did you get those black sandals? They are so cute!

  7. I feel ya! My husband and I just had that chat where we were like, Whoa! This is our life and it is beautiful! Next thing you know we’re trying for baby #2! 🙂
    Can you tell me where that “I freaking love you” print is from? Thanks!

  8. I totally get what you mean about getting outside. I live in Chicago, where it doesn’t usually get warm until June, but the last few weeks it’s been AMAZING! I’ve been spending entire weekends outside with my 3-year-old daughter and it feel so good. Plus, she’s at an age where I can chill and crochet while she plays! Hooray!

  9. Unnati •

    I’m not a mom but i’m learning so much from you. I look forward to reading your blog every single day. It’s nice to know that i’m not the only crazy person who is moved by every little thing and cries about every thing. You are amazing and truely sincere person. Thank you for sharing and inspiring ! 🙂

  10. Sarah Jump •

    I totally feel this. I had very similar realisation around 18 months (on a really sunny day) and my whole perspective of motherhood completely changed. Like you say, not because I wasn’t enjoying it but because sometimes, you just don’t see what is right in front of you!

  11. beautiful post. one of my faves.

  12. Lovely pictures… I love those bath toys… Should get some for my little one

  13. What a lovely, sweet post!

  14. What a great post!! Those pictures of Rowan sleeping are beautiful. You do such a great job of documenting her…she will appreciate that in the future.

  15. Marlen •

    I sometimes get those moments too. Granted I’m not a mom or married, but sometimes when I’m just laying around my apartment it hits me that this is my life and how I’m pretty lucky to have it. It sort of feels like you’re looking in from the window outside and it just registers.

    Also, I totally agree about the winter thing! The moment it started getting warmer everyone just brightened up. Even if you’re sitting on the grass outside, it seems like the most perfect thing you can do at that moment =P

  16. Carolyn •

    This post was just what I needed to hear. My hubby and I are expecting our first little one later this year, and I’ve been wavering between feelings of overwhelming joy and excitement to a deep sense of loss for our life the way that it is. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this thinking, and that things will change – but for the better 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. I too, went through this. I am now just starting to really fall in love with being a mom to my little mister. All I wanted growing up was to be a mom, so I thought as soon as he was born I would instantly fall in love with him. But no, it took an awful long time. People don’t usually talk about how hard it is to fall in love with motherhood, so I always thought I was the only one. I love reading about your life, as a mother and wife. You’re honest and that’s what we need. Thank you for not sugar coating everything, and for sharing your ups and downs. 🙂

  18. Rebecca •

    Reading your posts about Rowan always reinforce my desire to have children. These pictures are lovely (especially Rowan looking at herself in the mirror!)! Thanks for posting these…it’s great to see those intimate moments in a person’s life.

  19. Loved this post, Jen. I am not a mom, and if I ever am it won’t be for a long time, but I still totally appreciate and respect how honest you are about your journey – and it’s always abundantly clear how besotted you are with your daughter (who is so darn cute!). Happy spring!!

  20. Jen, I always look forward to your posts. I am not a mom, but I relate to you. Your style, your art, your writing – it all speaks to me and inspires me and challenges me. Thanks for being honest and “real”!

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