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It’s St. Patricks Day! We always head over to our favorite Brewery (Brown’s Brewing Co.
) and get a drink. Every year Brown’s asks our pastor Ed to do a blessing of the bar. It’s fun to listen to the bag pipes, learn a little more about St. Patrick and celebrate with friends. I thought in honor of today, I would share my very favorite green items from around the internet. Which is your favorite?

Here are my favorite posts from around the internet this week…
1. I have watched this video way too many times to count this week. It just kills me. Oh little Harper!

2. Elizabeth did a great recap of what our panel talked about at the Txsc COnference. It was an honor to be on the panel with her!

3. Love these little mini celebrity style posts that Brandy does. This one is particularly cute!

4. How cool is this bedroom? Love it.

5. Yay!! Big huge congratulations to Whitney!!

6. Mara is totally rocking these floral pants!

7. How cute is this heart magnet diy? or how about these cute diy sunglasses?

8. Jordan looks so cute in her casual date night outfit! That braided crown is just too pretty!!

9. Oh goodness this watercolor is just beautiful! So, so talented!

10. I want to eat every one of these pizzas. Mmmmmm homemade pizza. (minus the meat of course. hehe)

  1. What an appropriate (and perfect) post for st. patty’s day! Love everything green!!

  2. Thanks for sharing my painted sunglasses! I love them. AND, I have been eyeing that green dress…. I would Love it.

  3. Sososo pretty! Love the swimsuit.

  4. thank you for having me on your lovely blog! 🙂

  5. Oh thank you so much for diggin’ my bedroom decor! I’ve been a big fan of your blog for a long time, it was so sweet to see a link to my blog over here 🙂
    xo Moorea

  6. Hey Jen–Just thought I would comment here b/c this is the white background I was talking about in my email 🙂 I just love how you can pull things together like this–looks really good. 😉
    Can’t wait to get photoshop anyways–I’ll have fun playing around!
    Take care-

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