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Rowan gets really excited when Kev brings his iMac home from his office. I think she thinks of it as her personal tv that she gets to watch cat videos on whenever she wants. It’s funny to think about the age I was when I got my first cell phone (20) or own computer and here she is, 18 months old using a magic mouse and swiping thru pictures on my iphone. That makes me feel old. haha

http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/6987782311/1. I finally bought The Happiest Toddler on the Block book. It’s that time. We had the baby one and it was very helpful, so I figure I should read this one for some tips. She is so strong willed. We are at a constant whining phase right now. It’s like all the sudden she realized she has feelings and emotions and that getting the things you want, when you want them feels much better than not.

2. She shakes her head “no” to pretty much everything you ask her.

3. She has learned the word “Ow!” Which she uses when she isn’t getting her way. She says it mostly when she is upset and not hurt at all. So now when she goes limp and flails around on the floor, when you try to pick her up she starts yelling “Owww!” There I am turning bright red as everyone in Target thinks I am beating my child. Oh boy!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/6841673840/1. The upside of these new profound emotions are the intense love and passion she can show towards you and the things around you. Her hugs have more meaning, her kisses have more meaning, the way to plays with her toys, the way she gets excited about new things. Everything is so heartfelt.

2. She does this thing sometimes when you are putting her to sleep. It is too cute for words. We still rock her to sleep because well, we love it. The room will be dark and she will be cuddled on your chest with her head on your shoulder and she does this thing where she lifts her head back to look at you. Her face ends up being like an inch from your face and it is usually lit softly by the street lights outside. She always has the biggest smile on her face and then she will lean in to give you a gentle kiss on the lips. Then she usually giggles just a little, then puts her head back down on your shoulder. A few moments later she will do it again. It always seems to be in slow motion, like she is half asleep. It is beyond the sweetest thing ever and makes me laugh every time. It just kills me.

3. I know I mentioned this in her 18 month post but she is such a good little helper. She wants to feel involved so badly. She helps me carry up the groceries (usually a box of mac and cheese or something), she helps me put toys away, she helps put wet clothes in the dryer, she LOVES to throw trash out. She also loves to say the word “trash.” I hope she will stay like this!

  1. she is so precious, i love reading the ups and downs, it’s nice to know that there are people out there who dont only post the happy things.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, at that age my little brother used to say “Help!” instead of ow. My poor mom… 🙂


  3. I have been following your blog for a while now and just love your updates on Rowan! My husband and I are expecting our first in Sept. Your posts make me so excited both for the ups and downs of parenting! I know it will not be easy, but knowing there are other mothers out there and those like you who blog, give me inspiration!

    I absolutely love her expression in 2nd and last photo! Priceless!

  4. Gosh, reading about that thing that she does when you rock her to sleep made me all teary eyed. That’s just about the cutest thing ever.

  5. I love that you rock her to sleep and say you love it. People have been telling me- make sure you put him down to sleep right from the start. But how can I do that? I’ve been waiting so long for him, I doubt I’m going to want to stop cuddling, especially in those first few months.

  6. I think every mum has had a target tantrum! Owww!

  7. I love those pictures, she looks like a proper grown up actually using a computer lol xx

  8. Ooh boy, the “ow!” thing is so embarrassing! I always wonder how they just know that saying that in public gives them power!? I love hearing about her intense personality, totally sounds a lot like my boys.

    And keep on cuddling that baby! I did with both of mine and it doesn’t last forever, enjoy it.

  9. I recently started reading How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk. It’s awesome. I learned so many useful tips in just the first 25 pages! I can see the difference it makes when I pause to acknowledge the feelings he is trying to express during a tantrum. Just validating his feelings seems to be enough. I recommend it to everyone.

    We still sleep with our 3.5 year old. Nothing is sweeter than his middle of the night hugs and huge smile upon waking. I’m taking it as long as I can. It’s fleeting.

  10. Your daughter is awesome! And you have such a good sense of humor about the “down’s” of parenting. That’s key to getting through the rough parts sometimes.

  11. The bedtime thing is the sweetest thing ever! I totally need that book… my baby is learning to whine to get what he wants.. which really never happens, so I don’t know why he continues…

  12. My daughter wore those pjs christmas morning, lol.

  13. Tina B •

    I feel ya with the emotions thing. Michael, who is 4, has always been that way. Every year I say “this is the year he’ll grow out of it”. Nope. Seems to stay the same just ‘change’ with age. But the upside is the same as Rowan. He is the sweetest little love bug ever. Always and at the right moments just says “Mom…I love you.” I always have to remind myself of that or I’d pull my hair out after every melt down he has!
    And then even older they get with Evan being 9, we are constantly have conversations about decision making (right now it is choosing friends wisely). And boy oh boy!….that’s really tough! So many learning experiences and teaching moments. It’s tough when you have to call another parent because their child who has been around your child has done something inappropriate and your child has gone along with it! Grr…I have a love/hate relationship with teachable moments.
    Love that last picture!

  14. The last picture is so beautiful.

    Love your blog. Greetings from Finland! =)

  15. I agree with Kaisu – that last photo, so cute!

  16. jess does the “ow” trick too! at first it was so cute but now she definitely
    does it to get her way.

    i miss those night of rocking to sleep. enjoy them!!

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  20. That’s the sweetest!

  21. I think it’s time for me to buy Happiest Toddler too. It’s the second reference about it I’ve heard in 5 days and we are dealing with a very willful 21 month old lady :). You captured the ups and downs perfectly!

  22. A British comedian was retweeting a bunch of stories people were sending him about their young children and the completely awful things they do sometimes. Many of them remind me of this ‘Ow!’ story. Kids can be hilarious and terrible all at once.

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