Photo booth time!

When a random dude tells you to get into his van to take pictures you do so with out any questions, right? Well, we did. I guess we didn’t learn anything from our parents. It turned out to be freakin’ fun and well, I couldn’t really stop playing in the photo booth. Thanks shutterstock for stopping outside our Karaoke bar. We are having a blast here in Austin.


In photos: Julie, Amy, Jentine, Merl, Amanda, Elizabeth, Andrea & Kev

  1. Ahhhh this looks so fun! I totally wish my husband and I were as SXSW this year.

  2. That looks like fun! I haven’t done one of those in sooo long. Have an awesome time!

  3. Such adorable pictures! Looks like you girls are having a blast.

  4. Those photos are great!
    Photobooths are the best 🙂
    Amy xo

  5. I think the presence of props cancels out the “don’t get in strange vans” rule. Funny hats and plastic lips make it totally ok. 😉

  6. hahahaha best photobooth photos ever!!! You guys are all so funny! So glad i finally got to meet you hun 🙂 you are hte best. hugs!!

  7. The amount of time I spent in the photobooths is shameful!!! But fun;)

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