1. What book is Kev reading? It looks interesting!

  2. Perfect! Such a beautiful family!

  3. your blog is so cute it love it! looks like you had a good week, minus sick babe 🙁

  4. Awww I wish I could squeeze and hug Rowan. These are such sweet pictures! Plus, mint + red <3

  5. I agree. these posts make me smile!

  6. These posts are always some of my favorites. Rowan is adorable, but I especially love it when you visit and take pictures of places in the Capitol Region that I can recognize. Sorry if that sounds weird, but I’m just an Upstate girl who misses home (and 16 Handles, yum!).

  7. auntie carrie looks just like u! hehe!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. I love weekly picture posts 🙂

    Oh, poor sick baby! I hope she is feeling better.

  9. lovely! what a great fam you have 😉 i need to post more pics of my family (as in my sister, brother and parents)

    glad you had a nice weekend,

  10. Mmm that frozen yogurt looks delicious and btw in some of those pictures you in your sister look a lot alike lol, mainly that first one of her lol. I hope Rowan feels better soon though!

  11. Wow do you ever look like your mom! I look like my mom too. Rowan looks so cute and so grown up in that “sick” picture. Nice afghan too – was it made?

  12. SUCH cute photos! xx

    The Londoner

  13. lovely photos, i love the shoes in the first one!



  14. Love the nails. cute.

  15. Wonderful photos. I hope Rowan is feeling better!

    <a href="http://thefeministajournals.blogspot.com/&quot;

  16. That outfit for Texas looks amazing (and makes me dream of warmer days too!!).

    Hope Rowan feels better :S

    Virginie ♥

  17. katie •

    i thought that first photo of carrie was you!
    super cute family… i love these posts too!

  18. Thanks for sharing these photos…. frozen yoghurt looks delish and Rowan is so gorgeous. You should be so proud.
    Ronnie xo

  19. Julie •

    Looks like a lot of fun!
    You have the best smile 🙂


  20. looks like a fun weekend! hope rowan is feeling better. she’s still seriously adorable even when she’s sick!

  21. It’s nice to see your family pics, you’re such a cute little family!

  22. We’re so excited to see & swap with you next week at TxSC!! Love the light teal nail polish!
    Also, don’t forget to use the hashtag #SwapLulus – we want to see what you’re bringing to swap (and wearing! 🙂 plus Lulu’s is picking one lucky blogger using the hashtag to win $100 to Lulus.com. Squee!

  23. Such great pics…I seriously adore that little girl of yours–You’re making me want to try (one more time!) for a girl….Help! 🙂
    So sorry she’s been sick. It’s awful.
    Spring will be there soon–hang in there!

  24. oh my gosh! i just found your blog a few weeks ago and i am so in love with you and your little family. i started stalking you on twitter too… this ol’ internet world is a crazy little thing.


  25. Love these pictures!!!!!

  26. Laura •

    I love these posts too!

  27. Poor baby. Hope she’s feeling better! You and your sisters look SO much alike! Crazy!

  28. Nicole •

    Where did you get that AMAZING jacket?? I love love love it 🙂

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