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I know we take lots of photos in our family but rarely are they ever of all of us together. Saturday morning we decided we would wear matchy outfits and go try to take some family photos together. I wanted to take them outside but the weather was the worst over the weekend. So cold!! We headed to Empire Plaza in Albany instead. Bad mistake. There are all these underground hallways under the state buildings that you can go walk around. I thought it would make for a good spot to take pictures, Rowan however, thought it would be a good spot to run as fast as she could everywhere. The thought of having to stay contained in our arms was pure torture to her. We tried, we bribed, nothing worked. So we just rolled with it and laughed at how things change when babies are involved. We took just a few photos and then packed everything up and let her run loose…



In the end, we love these photos. I was making myself cry from laughing so hard when we were looking at them on Saturday night. haha. What a stinker she is!

  1. That’s adorable! You’ll look back and chuckle at these years from now. πŸ™‚

  2. Okay this is the best photoshoot I’ve seen in a LONG TIME…. So lovely.
    Kids are the best sort of distraction. LOL I think these are far better than a structure perfect smiles photo….

    If your baby allows…. LOL
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  3. That picture of you bending over and smiling at your daughter is so precious it makes my ovaries hurt!

    (that backdrop is pretty rad)

  4. Gosh, these are hilarious. The one with Rowan and Kev is the best ever. “Come oooooon! Let me ruuuuun!”

  5. But you’ll remember this photo shoot even more because it was such a ‘disaster’! Love the photos.

  6. Love these. You all look so cute and that little face is adorable! Hahaha. These memories are the best. You’ll have lots of fun about it later, I am sure!

  7. Haha, oh Rowan. Too precious. You look great!

  8. I feel your pain on this! It’s nearly impossible for us to get a family photo together anymore. πŸ™‚ But, these are precious and just as memorable. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  9. Even though Rowan is very unhappy in these pictures they are so cute and funny. I am sure you’ll cherish these forever. Also when she is older she’ll probably think they are hilarious.

  10. Haha! If these were a fail, it was an awesome fail at least! These were so much fun, and as always they had great character! You can’t create character like that. I would say these were not a fail. Great post!

  11. haha oh no!! bless her!


  12. oh these are so precious!!!! seriously. just like the others have said, you’ll look back on these photos and laugh and remember how fun it was to see her run around free and exert her own little independence. these are the special moments πŸ™‚

  13. I love Rowan’s chiffon skirt. I wouldn’t mind a skirt like that myself!

  14. hahahaha this pictures are hilarious!

  15. Thats how Adam acts when we take photos too!

  16. hahah these are too cute! i bet she will love to look at these years from now. the perfect family portraits never portray things as they really are anyway. i love your outfit too! where is the necklace from?

  17. I love these behind the scenes photos! Both of you, actually all three of you, look so great!!

  18. these cracked me up! rowan is so cute!!

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  19. Rowan is so funny, it almost looks like she’s acting!

    I think this is a good souvenirs nonetheless, you’ll all laugh together watching them one day πŸ™‚

    Virginie Γ’β„’Β₯

  20. these are So funny!! I think my favourite might be the one of her and Kev…oh so great!

  21. These are adorable and HILARIOUS. So much better than if she’d been smiley πŸ™‚
    And your outfit is so pretty! I love the pale pink.

  22. Haha oh my goodness, I am laughing so much at these pictures and imagining what anyone who walked by must have been thinking. She seems like she has SUCH a big personality, and I can only imagine what a blast (and a challenge, it sounds like haha) she must be. These pictures will still be so fun to look back on when she’s older. I bet this little one is going to have a million funny stories to hear when she grows up πŸ™‚

  23. These are hilariously fantastic and perfect in every way πŸ™‚

  24. these are amazing and fantastic and i love each and every one of them! xox

  25. and her skirt is my favorite – i want it!

  26. these photos are hilarious! Rowan the diva ay? sooo cute! they can be so strong willed at this age can’t they!! You guys look so lovely, completely beautiful family xx

  27. Too funny! At least she’s well dressed πŸ™‚

  28. Oh my, well those pics are better than any pics and like you said the only thing you can do is laugh. Love how you’re with matchy outfts.

  29. I’m sure it was a bit frustrating but Rowan’s faces are just priceless!!! I don’t think I have a recent photo of my son where he’s actually facing the camera or one that is slightly in focus.

    You all look incredibly dapper though!!!

  30. She is an absolute doll!

  31. Oh man, these photos are so cute & definitley made me giggle. Ah Rowan, gosh look at that expression in the fifth photo with Kev too funny, in a super cute way!! You guys look fab – love what you wore Jen & the red lipstick is amazing on you. Hope your Tuesday is fantastic. Smooches! V

  32. OMG! lol so cute! That one pic where your hubby is holding her and you can see it in her face, she’s like “PUHHH LEEEASE let me down!” What great ammo to use on her when she has kids someday! πŸ™‚

  33. these are adorable – what an amazing stylish family! your little girl is rocking that leopard print sweater – and your bib necklace is just amazing.

    i think the failed photo shoots are the best – what a great memory of things going awry – a story to tell her one day, with lots of great photos to go along with it

  34. She is so adorable! Don’t you just love the “running away” stage? Vyla kept doing it to me in the parking lot at the grocery store…I’d let go of her hand for one second to put my bags in the front seat, and she would run…and I’d be chasing her in the slippery parking lot…so scary when cars are coming and going! Thank goodness that stage didn’t last that long!

    Natasha ~

  35. Oh lord, these photos cracked me the hell up! You guys have the funniest looks on your faces. Thanks for brightening my day πŸ™‚

  36. that ‘kisses’ photo of you and rowan is absolutely beautiful. you look so pretty!

  37. Stephanie •

    I adore you and love your fashion sense! Thank you for letting me get a peek inside your world. These photos are priceless. My favorites are 2 & 4. I’ve got a 17 month girl so, I know these expressions and toddler moves that make them impossible to hold (you know the one where their arms go straight in the air and you cannot pick them up under the arm pits?). Thank you for sharing!!

  38. These photos are hysterical! We’ve done a few of these with out 2-year-old. Some of my favorites are when he’s crying! Great memories!

  39. oh, i loved this!!! you’ll look back years from now and laugh and remember those moments. and you look beautiful, as always πŸ˜‰

  40. Liz H •

    Can you tell us where Rowan’s outfit is from?? Its one of my favorites yet! Adorbs.

  41. This is hilarious and adorable and totally natural! Such a cute family!
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  42. Haha, the last picture of her is so cool, like big girl!

  43. Ha! What do the say? Never work with animals or children??

  44. super super cute photos. Love them.

  45. I love this! You guys are all so cute, even with a photo shoot gone bad. And can I express how adorable Rowan looks? Her outfit is like a little grown-up outfit. It almost looks like a mini version of yours! So so cute.

  46. Marlen •

    Haha totally agree with everyone else on the ovaries hurting. Your girl is aaaadorable, look at those sweet little outfits! And that backdrop is pretty awesome, you guys look like a cute little family.

    Also, super envious about that yellow necklace. I’m like drooling at the computer screen.

  47. shiri •

    Your baby girl is sooooo cute :)!
    I especially like this photo:
    Seriously – soo cute!
    Congrats for the second baby that is on his/her way :)!
    You have a really great blog :).

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