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Oh boy! I am dreaming of warmer weather. This pretty dress has been in my modcloth wishlist for quite sometime. I might just have to pull the trigger and get it for the Texas Style Council Conference next week!! ahhh next week! We are heading to Austin next Wednesday!!

I have it planned everyweek to get these posts up on Friday, but Friday comes around and well I usually want to be far away from the computer. I do however want to share some of my favroite posts from last week. I feel like I didn’t get a chance to read a lot of blogs last week but the ones I did, I ended up starring every one. So many talented and inspiring ladies out there. I feel honored to be able to share in so many of their lives. Anyway, here are some of my most favorite blog posts from the last week, you should totally read them too…

1. I have a major girl crush on Bri and I love how open and honest she was in this post. Brave girl.

2. How cute (and easy) are these paint dipped baby jars?

3. Also, have a major girl crush on Erin! So excited about their little (pink) bundle of joy!

4. This letter to Everly is so spot on with how things are going with Rowan and my feelings towards her being a daddy’s girl. Very sweet.

5. Ahhh these family photos are so freakin’ good. The one of Annie & Jacob make her look like a warrior mom (which I know she is already!). I love it. That last one is so good!

6. Love this post about the amazing company Ugglebo! Also make sure to check out the Velvet Bird shop!

7. Oh Krystal! You can do no wrong.

8. This is the most beautiful outfit! Such pretty colors.

9. Ok. One more girl crush. How amazingly beautiful is Katie?

10. Bows on sweaters on cute kids? Umm Yes please!

I think I need to start a new series about blog love. I just love so many wonderful blogs- I think I need to share my love! Happy Monday everyone!! I’ll be back this afternoon with pictures from our disastrous family photoshoot on saturday. haha.

  1. That tea robot is super cute!

  2. Love this post! That dress is perfect!

  3. Oh what cute little things your wishlist has! I have a very long wishlist for spring too, I wish it would get here much quicker!! 🙂 x

  4. Holy Hanna! I NEED that Coral Bag… and that Mint Necklace.



  5. awww, thank you sweet jen! you are too sweet!

  6. Jen, I have that ring in bronze if you want it (#7). It was too small for me and since I got it via Refinery29 Reserve, it was final sale. I’ll give it to you this week if you want! Augh! See you soon!!!

  7. eeep! thank you so much for the sweet mention, jen! i blow kisses and kisses your way!

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