Bath Time…

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This child loves the bath. Any time she hears running water she starts stripping her clothes off thinking she is getting to take a bath. We’ve had to take lots of showers with her just to stop the melt down that starts happening when she realizes Mommy or Daddy are just taking a shower. Our new bath routine is pretty fun. We put on some fun music, turn the heater on in the bathroom (makes the room so cozy), fill up the tub with bubbles and dump out all her bath toys. She is in heaven. She swims around like a little fish for like an hour.

Our Favorite bath products to use are…
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1. California Baby Products. I couldn’t recommend these more highly. We love them. They have a whole line full of products you could use.

2. Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil . Love this stuff. After the water has drained, I massage the oil into her wet skin and then towel her off. Keeps her skin from getting dry in the winter.

3. Boon Foam Bath Shapes. Bright and fun! They are a great bath toy!

4. Skip Hop Faucet Cover. Any faucet cover will do, but I think this one is cute.

5. Crayola Bathtub Crayons. These things are awesome. They don’t get all wet and mushy and they wash off so easily. Even after a few days left on the tub, they still wash off. We love drawing lots and lots of kitties in the tub.

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  1. Awe, she is so cute!!
    & what adorable bath toys for her! 🙂

  2. Rowan is such a cutie. I might have to try some of that oil, is it scented? We are buying the California Baby uber sensitive stuff, and my daughters skin is still terribly dry and rashy. The doc said to stay away from anything scented.

  3. Simply adorable.

  4. I always have a buddy in my shower, my two year old is the same as Rowan… every time that water is running he is NUDE in 3 seconds flat! Sometimes I beg my husband to just take him to starbucks for 10 minutes on the weekend so I can actually shower by myself, lol.

  5. So so so SO adorable! I swear, I will pounce on hubby right now to make a baby if that means I can have all those cute stuff in my tub.

    I can’t believe all the creative things that are out now for bathing your baby. When *I* was a babe 30 some odd years ago, all I had was my bathtub, a bar of soap and a big bucket. *weeps*

  6. Awe, that looks like so much fun! I want those bath crayons 🙂 Do you just wash them off next time you go into the shower?

  7. we have the same faucet cover! we love it! One time…it wasn’t on..let’s just say it makes a nasty gash on the back of a 4 year old. Ick.
    We love the crayons too! Now we have little Pocoyo squirters (he flipped when we found those!) so I go back into the bathroom and he has squirted the whole place down!!! Wet walls…floors…sheesh!

  8. This has to be the cutest baby I have EVER seen! I am very very jealous…

  9. I’ve never seen those faucet covers, what a great idea.

  10. Kill me why dont’cha? Those cheeks and that little bum…hehe, she is SO cute jen!! And my goodness, she is the PERFECT combination of you and Kev…it’s almost crazy!

  11. ohmigosh ADORABLE. you can see she absolutely loves it! haha that is the cutest thing.

    …and is it weird that I kinda want to get some bathtub crayons now?

  12. Oooh, that last smile, my HEART.
    Jessica | Vixenelle

  13. …and now i want to color in the bath tub. 🙂

  14. So cute! When my little guy was her age he loved baths so much that I would have to stealthily pull the plug of the tub while he wasn’t looking. When the water was gone I would just say, “Uh oh! The water’s gone. I guess it’s time to get out.”

  15. love a mermaid baby. have y’all tried glow sticks in the tub with the lights out? magic glowy bathtime! they’re at all the dollar stores so it’s a cheap thrill!

  16. I hope it’s okay that Levi read today’s post with me…
    He just got out of the bath, and enjoyed seeing another “babeee!” in a bath tub! 🙂

    Such a fun age….Savor it all.
    You may not remember #2 so well (if and when….:))

  17. Michelle •

    Cute! Gives me a good idea as to what kinds of play my LO will enjoy when she’s tub age. Jen, can I ask how often you wash your tub and what you use? I’m hesitant to use anything harsh, but then, I worry that whatever I use won’t be good enough.

  18. eeeek! shes the cutest ever!!!! i wanna squeeze her!

  19. What precious rosy cheeks 🙂 I recently just became an auntie… love these bathtime ideas for when the babes come over to my place someday!

    Also, great photos.. do you have lots of windows in your bathroom? There is so much great light in there!

  20. So cute 🙂
    Those crayons sound so much fun!

  21. these pictures are so adorable!!!

    We loooooooove burt’s bees products! But now I have to buy those bathtub crayons those are awesome! thanks for sharing 😉

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