A Big Milestone…


*When I grow up I wanna drive the Zamboni

There are lots of milestones that you come across in the first few years of your little ones life; rolling over, eating solids, crawling, standing, walking, etc… but the ones that are extra special to me, are the ones that aren’t listed in books. I always get more excited about being able to share the things with Rowan that have meant something to me in my life. She is this little, living, breathing, half of myself that I can now share all these life moments with. Tonight is one of those nights. We are not sports people in this household, but we are HOCKEY people. Hockey holds a lot of memories for both Kev and myself and tonight we are bringing Rowan to her very first hockey game. For a little girl of only 17months, she sure has a collection of Hockey shirts. It has been a debate which team shirt she would wear tonight. Let’s just say Canada always prevails! Although, Adam and Punky just gave her an awesome Bruins shirt. hehe. Maybe it seems silly that we are so excited about this, but having Rowan around has made every joy we feel magnified by like a million.

What have been the milestones that have meant something extra special to your family?


  1. Coolest baby! Hope you have fun at the game! 🙂

  2. Hi Jen!! This is my first time commenting but I am a longtime reader of your blog. My family is a hockey & soccer family and when my boyfriend and I got our puppy this summer (she is considered our baby), I immediately ordered her a Ranger’s jersey. She is actually named after a hockey player — Jagr. My bf and I always talk about how our children will grow up loving hockey and how lovely it will be to share our favorite sport with them so I totally understand your feelings. No animosity, though, that we don’t cheer for the same time. Hockey rocks!

  3. Team, not time. :\

  4. This is adorable. I love her little belly in that T-shirt!

  5. Good call on the Leafs shirt! 🙂

  6. ohhhh so cute! (and a milestone for me right now… well, i just flew across the country and back all by myself.)

  7. So sweet! and it IS a huge milestone 🙂

    We are in Dallas, and hockey fans a few and far between, but we happen to be some! I’d LOVE to know where you got the Zamboni shirt in the first picture!

  8. I’m a Canadian, living in Germany, awaiting the arrival of my first baby! I was JUST (literally 15min ago) telling my mom how being a Zamboni driver is my “hidden” dream. I would LOVE to get my baby boy the T-shirt Rowan is wearing in the first picture. She looks absolutly precious in it and I would be thrilled if you could tell me where it’s from!

  9. Go Leafs Go!

    I have SO many happy memories watching hockey with my father and brother throughout my whole life, I’m sure it will be the same for Rowan!!

    Have a great time gang 🙂

  10. That makes sense. Having yet another person to share your special moments with! Also, I like that you keep the Canadian spirit alive 🙂 Haha.

  11. Yeah! Go Maple Leafs! I love that she is sporting this outfit to the game. So precious!

  12. That first picture kills me – it looks like she is saying, emphatically with her hand in the air, “When I grow up, I wanna drive the ZAMBONI!!!!” Lol.

  13. Losing your first tooth is a milestone, but when our oldest son lost his first tooth…my husband and I were so excited at OUR own milestone in getting to BE the tooth fairy. So fun! Really enjoyed your blog and your positive posts!!! Keep up the great work!

  14. I cant wait for her to grow up and tell you she’s a Bruins fan!!!

    Have fun!!!

  15. YES. I love little hockey babies 🙂

  16. My condolences on your choice of hockey teams 🙂 Glad to see there are more hockey families out there. Liam got his first Flames jersey at 6 months.

  17. ruby girl •

    Ohhh I love this. She’s adorable.

  18. So sweet! I have to agree that joy is definitely magnified with a little one—even joy over the smallest things! We took our two year old to see a Monster Truck Show last week and my husband and I had more fun watching our son react to the trucks than actually watching the show. He’d throw his arms up in the air and scream every time a new truck came out–priceless! I even teared up a bit for some reason haha! Have fun tonight, I’m sure Rowan will love it!! Take lots of pictures!

  19. yay go leafs! thats mine, wades and charlie’s team!!

  20. What a cutie!! I’m a huge hockey fan myself and I hope Miss Rowan LOVES her first game, xo.

  21. Oh my goodness the only thing better than a Toronto Maple Leaf t-shirt (my dad used to play for them!) is that adorable baby tummy in a Toronto Maple Leaf t-shirt! Too much cuteness for one hockey tee!

    I think one of my favorite milestones was boing able to take our sweet little girl to the park to try out the swings. But this spring we plan on taking her to the gardens where we got engaged so she can enjoy it too!

  22. You guys are the CUTEST!!
    I’m not a Maple Leafs fan at all…Edmonton Oilers!

  23. First of all…her little belly in that T-shirt is the most adorable thing ever…I just want to give her squeezes and hugs! As far as milestones, I look forward to them with a future family of my own.

  24. Do not know your blog. But when it was suggested by Sydney, and saw, LOVED.


    Vera, Portugal


  25. I was at the Toronto vs Edmonton game last night and my good ol Leafs won! So many Leaf fans out in Edmonton, it was awesome!

  26. So cute im happy the zamboni shirt fits..she is just way too cool in her red glasses.
    Love yah rowan

  27. I love this post. Hockey is huge with my whole family too. I went to my first hockey game with my parents when I was around one and they still have the ticket stub 🙂 Definitely a big deal for my dad. I look forward to taking my future little ones to their first hockey game one day! Rowan looks way too adorable in her Maple Leafs tee. xo

  28. PS. Both of my brothers are Zamboni drivers. Haha

  29. She’s so cute, in every t-shirt you put on 🙂

  30. Hi Jen, I just want to say hearing you talk about the joys and milestones in your daughter’s life is really nice and inspiring. I am expecting my first baby and it’s just really, really heartwarming to read about things like sharing your life with your baby. I can’t wait for September (when he/she is due) and to start this crazy adventure.

  31. Her little toddler belly. Seriously the cutest thing I’ve witnessed in blog world all week. Ahh, so so sweet!!!!

  32. Between my 4 year old and 2 year old we have a huge jersey/t shirt collection.
    My sons first NHL game was a toronto vs phenix game when he was 6 months old.
    Our 2 year old attended her first NHL game last month, Edmonton vs New Jersey, a ref actually gave her a game puck! Shes so proud!

  33. Love this milestone 🙂 We have been bringing our girl since she was 1 month old. crazy hahah she slept the whole time which was nice for me 🙂 and now we mostly just are regular old attendees at daddys games 🙂

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