Rowan Style File | 02.13.12

I LOVE dressing Rowan. I feel like she is my own personal little doll. Mixing and matching crazy outfits together for her is like my favorite thing ever. I am more reserved sometimes when I get dressed, but I like getting really creative with her outfits. Rowan is just so darn cute and well, a baby so she can get away with anything. hehe.

rsf02.13.123 copy

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Gap Kids
Floral Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Target
Tights: Walmart
Shoes: Zara (gift from Baby Blackbird)

  1. She always looks so cute in her little outfits on your blog! Enjoy dressing her now … if she’s anything like my girls, she will want to pick out her own outfits soon enough!!!

  2. Oh man, ya’ll are just too cute!! I absolutely LOVE her twirling picture <3

  3. How cute!! I do agree with the 1st commenter. My daughter is two and a half and just this morning refused to wear the sweater I had picked for her. This stage is cute too, it’s interesting (mostly) to see the outfits they come up with.

  4. She is too adorable love the outfit!

  5. That yellow skirt is too sweet! Her cheeks just kill me!

  6. Jennifer •

    Cutest thing ever!!! Btw, cute type. Is that a font or your handwriting?

  7. She is so freakin’ cute! And that outfit, i die!

  8. Adorable!

    I really like her skirt!

  9. Okay, I’d be just fine if you posted pictures of Rowan dressed up every single day. LOVE IT!
    I’d post pictures of my boys dressed up every day, but…well, it wouldn’t be a good idea. 🙂

  10. Jen!! This is adorable:) I am totally envious of her cute little outfit!

  11. I used to love dressing up my kids when they were that little. It’s so fun! I love Rowan’s outfit. That skirt is precious.

  12. Oh my goodness she is so sweet!

  13. oh my heavens, her shoes!! i can see rowan quickly becoming my style icon. so stinking cute 🙂

  14. oh my goodness. this is just beyond adorable. i love her skirt!!! my favorite thing to do is dressing my little boy. 🙂

  15. Love it, her skirt and top are too cute! She’s a great dresser like her mom!

  16. adorable! I can’t wait to dress up my little boy, although I fear I will have to sew lots of his clothes as I don’t know if I can find cute ones in the shops. The best stuff always seems to be for girls.

  17. Oh my goodness! She is so stinking adorable! That skirt is so cute! And baby oxfords may just be the best thing ever!

  18. Oh my goodness, Rowan is so darn cute !!! I’m actually jealous of her outfit (especially her shoes) !!! What an adorable little girl !

  19. She is so precious!!

  20. This is something I SO look forward to if I end up having a baby girl. Although, I must say little boys clothes have come a long way. Baby clothes that is, I think after little boys can dress themselves a lot of the time style goes straight out the window!

  21. Her little shoes are always the best! I’ve loved her little winter looks, can’t wait to see how you’ll dress her this summer now that she’s more mobile haha

  22. She’s soo cute and I love that little outfit!


  23. Lilly Garcia •

    So adorable! What a wonderful outfit!

  24. She is adorable! Greetings from Poland! 🙂

  25. She’s so adorable! And her twirl…her face is priceless on how happy she was!
    Super cute fashion doll she is! Good job stylist!

  26. With that little cute face I could melt, she’s so sweet or seems that in pics 🙂 Love her outfit efinitely it should be super fun dress her up.

  27. she is just so precious! my baby girl is now 21, and my mom and i are always reminiscing about the adorable outfits we used to buy her…so much fun!! treasure each moment 🙂

  28. LOVE the entire outfit!!! I do the same thing for Naja – mix and match prints, fun colors. Dressing her is SO MUCH FUN!!! I need to check out some thrift stores for clothes to, I forgot that I can get kids clothing there! Thanks for sharing!

  29. i also live vicariously through my baby’s clothes! haha. why dont they make grown up clothes as cute as baby clothes?! and ps, i love her little shoes. those are so cute =)

  30. Rowan looks SO darling! Can’t wait for the day when I can dress my future little one up in sweet outfits! I’m sure Rowan will look back at these photos and love that you put her in such cute outfits.


  31. Rowan makes me smile 🙂 thanks for sharing her pics! Till I get one of my own, this will do very nicely.
    p.s. I <3 your blog.

  32. I need those shoes for my little girl! Monika

  33. LOVE!!! Harlow has the same shoes, I had hoped they would wear them at the same time…but her feet aren’t really growing.
    Rowan needs more outfit posts, such a little doll!

  34. Is it strange that I want her shoes in a grown up size? They’re absolutely adorable.

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