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This weather has been crazy, huh? I am not complaining because I will take a winter full of 50 degree days, but it is just so strange. It has been nice to go for walks with Rowan during the day. There is nothing better than some fresh air for a grumpy kid and momma. haha.

This has been one of my go to outfits lately. Easy, comfy and well, I think it pretty cute looking. I love these boots! I was worried I wouldn’t have stuff to wear them with, but they seem like a good match for a lot of outfits.


Outfit Details:
Cardigan: J.Crew
Peach Blouse: Lulu’s
Cranberry Jeans: Forever 21
Jeffrey Campbell Boots: c/o Modcloth (last summer)
Necklace: Jess LC

My sweet little honey…

  1. Jessica •

    No kidding! Just that change of scenery will do mom and baby good. I would just pack my son up and stroll as far as I could without tiring myself out too much.
    I love those boots too. I like comfy and stylish together.

  2. Those boots are ca-razy awesome!

  3. I love that last photo.

    Rowans like…Why are we in the woods with our camera?


  4. these photos are gorgeous and i love your boots!

  5. I adore the cranberry jeans and I always love seeing little miss Rowan’s many expressions when being photographes. The last one is like “Enough with the paparazzis!!”, I love it!

    I’m slightly jealous of the fabulous weather the northers Sates have been getting, it’s still -15 and snowy every other day up here in my part of Canada, enjoy the pretty weather for all of us!

    Virginie ♥

  6. such great photos of you and your little one!! love the color of those pants with the cardi color!!

  7. Such a great look! I love the collar detail on the blouse, and the color of those pants! Those pictures with Rowan are absolutely adorable!

  8. ahhh, I need that blouse! so feminine and pretty. and your little one gets more precious by the day! 🙂

  9. BAH..FABULOUS!! The zipper on the sweater are basically ROCKING my world. LOVE IT!!!

  10. Wish I had the legs to wear those jeans! You look great!

  11. You look so happy and Rowan so cute.

  12. love those colored pants! just snagged a similar pair!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  13. those shoes are to die for! Also…you and your daughter are adorable!


  14. i love the last pics with rowan 😉 you look great. comfort is always the best. and those pants….i love that color!

  15. The only thing that could be more beautiful than those boots is Rowan’s sweet face!

  16. Oh, I dig the color of those pants. It matches Rowan’s hat!

  17. You always take such pretty photos Jen, and I love the one’s of you with Rowan too! Cute!! As for the outfit?! Love the pretty colours you’ve combined here & those boots are fantastic. Yay, Jeffrey Campbell. xo veronika

  18. I love your cardigan!
    The pictures of you and Rowan are beyond adorable!

  19. the weather has been crazy here too..nothing at all like winter. i spotted those boots a while back and didn’t think much of them. seeing them on you, they’re really cool!

  20. The weather has been so crazy, I’ve barely worn tights this year! I love your berry jeans with the tapestry boots, such a fun pairing!

  21. aw! your baby is too cute 🙂
    and those wine pants are a must have.

  22. I love the color of your jeans! I definitely need to get some colored jeans. They make for such a fun outfit!

  23. Hi Jen, I’ve just discovered your blog & your little family is so sweet!
    I absolutely love your glasses – where are they from, if you don’t mind me asking?
    Thanks! Anna

  24. I’ve been secretly eyeing canvas printed boots at UO for a while now.. haha

    xo Jennifer

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