Our Week in Snapshots | 01.28.12

This was a pretty low key week. It was grey and raining and we didn’t really do a whole lot. We sewed, we painted, we read books and Rowan climbed on things she’s not allowed to.

Here is our week in snapshots…

Oooh I love my new Art of Instruction Illustration book from Ruche. It is so pretty!!

  1. I love that the books on your shelf are organized by color!

  2. What a fun week!

  3. Love this new feature Jen… and I adore all of Rowan’s adorable outfits. I see she is a fabulous fashionista – like you!! Happy weekend! xo

  4. I wouldn’t expect anything less from an artist like you, but I write a little blog about the design of picture books, and you have a STELLAR collection for the little one. How amazing is Oliver Jeffers!?

  5. Ah! I had one of those lil’ record players when I was growing up! I’m glad kiddos still get joy out of my old standbys πŸ™‚

  6. wow it looks like it has been a busy and fun week

  7. Please tell me there is mess in your house somewhere. Everything looks so perfect!

  8. She is seriously climbing on EVERYWHERE!

  9. Love that pink onesie! Wish I had one!

  10. Gorgeous photos! I have that white chair from Ikea!

  11. Rowan is such a doll! She is beautiful, Jen. Just beautiful. I adore her outfits as well. I wouldn’t mind seeing her outfit details occasionally as I imagine you put thought and care into dressing her.

  12. I spy Blueberries for Sal! makes me happy, I miss you.

  13. I love this new feature! I especially love Rowan looking in the mirror. I am mid-way through re-doing Levi’s room, and now I want to make sure to put a mirror in there! πŸ˜‰ SO funny to watch them watch themselves.
    And I know all about that climbing thing–my older boys are still climbing…but now much bigger, scarier things! πŸ™‚

  14. That little fox is too cute! Love it!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  15. “fitted denim vest” – I’m really glad I’m able to get outfit inspiration from Rowan! I hope you show us the final product with that fox!

  16. We have the same sewing machine!

  17. she is growing up so fast! and getting into everything! haha. love it.

  18. you have a little climber on your hands!

    these photos are great jen! did you use a flash?

  19. Aww, so cute! I had that exact record player as a child! πŸ™‚

  20. Do I spot a bumgenius diaper? Love those! πŸ™‚

  21. Oh my gosh, my sisters and I used to play with a pretty much identical little fisher price record player. It was one of my very very favourite toys back in the day, and my nephew and niece play with it now! Old school toys for the win.

  22. Hi Jen – I’m a fairly new reader to your blog, and am wondering where your desk is from. I’ve been looking for a glass-topped workspace, and this fits the bill!

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