Rowan’s Nursery Tour


Well, this post was 16 months in the making. Rowan has moved around a lot in our apartment. She slept in our bedroom for the first 6 months, then she had half of the room that she is in now and then finally we surrendered and gave her the whole room. She is a lucky little girl to have such a huge room. She could throw many a dance parties in there if she wanted too.

I love her room. I love it so much! It is bright and colorful and fun and it makes me so happy for her. Growing up, my mom always made sure we had a beautiful room. She painted, sewed and wallpapered to make each of us a special room we could call our own. I wanted to create that for Rowan. I love being in there with her. I will be the first to say that the room only looks this clean right before bed and in the morning when she wakes up, but that is ok. What kind of room would it be if she wasn’t allowed to play with everything in it, right?


What makes the room so special to me and hopefully for her are all the handmade or hand-me-down pieces from loved ones. There is the blanket I was brought home from the hospital in, there is a crocheted manatee from my sister, a heart pillow and artwork from Don, Rachel and Addy, her first birthday dress, artwork from our favorite Hawaii artist, a rocking chair my Grandma gave me when I was a little girl, a crocheted Foofa and print from Laura (my bff), all her bedding was sewn by my mom, there are kitties from Julie, a special blanket from Punky, and a handmade pop up book from my sister Carrie. I could go on and on. Every item in her room is more than just a toy, a piece of art or a place to sleep. It is a room full of love.


I am going to try my best to list out where everything is from, but again a lot of it is handmade and passed down.
Crib: Walmart
Chair: Ikea
Table and Chairs: Ikea
Change Table: Jenny Lind
Teepee: Handmade
Bunting Flags: Handmade
Crib bedding: Handmade
Lady w/ Cat Tattoo Print: Amanda Atkins
Cat w/ Moustaches: Paper Sparrow
Waves Print: Heather Brown
Live in the Sunshine Print: The Wheatfield
I am a Child of God Print: Persimmon & Pink
I lovely Love Print: Tuesday Morning
You are a Cool Cat Print: Orange Studio
I Freaking Love You Print: Hilary Bird
You are my Sunshine Print: The Wheatfield
Rowan’s Stuffed Name: Handmade
Birds & Branches: Handmade (Bird Pattern Here)
Rocking Chair: From when I was little

  1. April Payan •

    This is absolutely amazing. i LOVE everything!

  2. Jen! Rowans room is so stinkin’ cute! and the floors throughout your apartment are so beautiful. The branches over her crib- swoon!

  3. So beautiful!! I love all the thought and personalization πŸ™‚ The tepee is to die for!! Nice job πŸ™‚

  4. it is a really beautiful and bright room! did you make the cloth flowers with the branches in the vase? and how do you keep the crates from falling? i am working on storage for my little one but i think he would want to climb them. πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m in love with this room! I can feel so much love even through the photographs above. Your love for your family and for Rowan shows so much; I only hope I can be as wonderful of a mother as you are! πŸ™‚

  6. It’s beautiful, Jen! She’s a lucky little girl indeed!


  7. wow! cutest room ever! there are so many little bits that make it so special!

  8. Stunning job Jen!

  9. just ran across your blog for the first time today; what a lovely, lovely room! so beautiful. i kind of want to live in there =)

  10. Holy Shiza!! I love it! Amazing job my friend. I want to come live in there. It’s nicer then mine;).

  11. The birds and branches hanging over her crib are soooo cute!

  12. it is such a gorgeous space!! i love her teepee, i wish i had one of those πŸ™‚

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  13. it is SO beautiful, jen! and so special. we are trying to do the same for our little girl, and i can’t wait to reveal her nursery in a few weeks.

  14. Will you come and create a room for me!? What a beautiful, inspiring, positive room! She is so blessed! It looks like so much fun! The tee-pee especially makes me envious of Miss Rowan πŸ™‚ Love all the books as well!

  15. Everything looks beautiful! I just love this. You did such a great job!

  16. oh my gosh if I ever have kids I’m using this room as adorable inspiration. love the birds on branches!

  17. Hey Jen,

    Just wondering if you have any good idea’s on where to find some cute baby bedding?

  18. I love it so much! I love her book nook. And that TP is so adorable. Great job!

  19. I want to pinterest this whole shebang!! Great job, such a reward after all that laboring of love!!!

  20. Aw Jen, this space just radiates your lovely spirit & amazing creativity. Love this room! Rowan is one lucky, little lady!! xo veronika

  21. That room is insane, it looks like it came straight out of a magazine! I would definitely live in that room (because, though I am 26 years in age, I am 2 at heart.)

  22. This is so adorable!! How lucky is little Rowan to have a crafty mother!! πŸ™‚

  23. This is a super, duper room. And I agree with an earlier comment; it is so super representative of you and your creativity. I heart it and you.

  24. This is so sweet. So so sweet! I love all the handmade details. Great job! I am about to have my second boy and have yet to start on his room…. Moving to Scotland in a few weeks! But I can’t wait to put it together.

  25. the wooden cylindrical shape sorter under the FP telephone pull toy.. where is it from!?

  26. Wow. I just love it!!!!! It’s so sweet and clean!


  27. Seriously breathtaking, welllllllll done momma!

  28. What a sweet nursery!

  29. What a cheerful and bright room. Love all the handmade things… My favorites are the teepee and the birds on the branches! I love the way the black polka dots are carried onto various places… Your art training really shows!

  30. oh. my. goodness. It is ADORABLE! so much lightness and fun. I want the room for myself. πŸ™‚

  31. k but you really need to buy her some books n toys.

    (super drooly over that handbell set!)

  32. OMG! I’m impressed, you’ve created an amazing magic space for her! Every detail and corner looks like a lot of thought and love was put into it, though I have no babies I could spend hours looking at nurseries, yours is adorable!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  33. oh jen it’s gorgeous!! prettiest nursery i’ve ever seen – Rowan is so blessed to have such an artistic mom!!

  34. I’m seventeen…I really shouldn’t be this jealous of a baby’s room

  35. WOW WOW WOW! I absolutely love this! Well done!

  36. Mamengon •

    Precioso!!!!!!, gorgeous. One of the most beautifull room i’ve seen.

  37. This is like the best kid’s room I’ve ever seen. It’s so bright and cheerful. I love every detail, especially the little dresses. I will have a baby this summer and am starting to take inspiration for him/her, this is certainly going in my moodboard!

  38. How lovely, Jen! I love that there’s a little Strawberry Shortcake doll waiting to be played with, she was one of my favorites growing up! Now, how about a close up of your finished family portrait, it looks beautiful!

  39. I absolutely adore her nursery! Thank you for taking the time to take the pictures and share the details. πŸ™‚ What a lovely place for her to grow up in.


  40. Jen, her room is gorgeous!

  41. Jen!!! it’s beautiful!! I love that it has meaning, it radiates love and family values and it is full of memories. What a precious room to grow up in.

    Isn’t it funny how long to takes to get the nursery post up?? I’m hoping to have Jess’ done next week and she’s 15 months. Oops πŸ˜‰

  42. her room is precious! i love that it’s obviously a child’s room but welcoming for the big kids to come and play. she is a very lucky little girl to have such amazing parents and an inspired life! xo

  43. aww it looks gorgeous!


  44. This room is incredible. What a lucky little girl!

  45. Lindsay •

    So amazing. I would love a tutorial on how you put together the birds and branches mobile!

  46. So cute! Everything is so bright and cheery. And what an awesome and inspiring collection of toys.

    My little guy has the same crib – just in espresso. I searched high and low for the perfect sleek one in a reasonable price range and there it was at Walmart, of all places.

  47. What a beautiful nursery! It’s so fun, and not filled with stuff that is so obviously from a set. I’m definetly going to steal some of your ideas (in a few years) when I have one of my own =)

  48. demoree •

    oh wow. what a darling room. i love how colorful it is. rowan is one blessed little girl! πŸ™‚

  49. You stop it! This room is ridiculously adorable. Fantastic job, my dear!

  50. What a magical little place! You sure do have a knack for the details. Beautiful, Jen.

  51. Absolutely beyond gorgeous!!

  52. Those hardwood floors are gorgeous! And I love her little bird tree! Adorable!

  53. Rowan’s nursery is perfect! Love all the handmade details. πŸ™‚

  54. I want to live in this room! Every detail is so thoughtful and perfect. I love how clean and fresh it feels, yet still full of character. You really could be an interior designer.

  55. What a happy place for Rowan to make some of her first lovely memories. :o)

  56. So lovely!

  57. Stefanie •

    Rowan’s room is absolutely wonderful!! She is so lucky to have such a creative Momma!

  58. I am overwhelmed by how amazing this room is, it is so bright and loving. Everywhere you look there is something special and heartfelt. I truly love the birds and branches, I’ve never seen anything like it, and her teepee is SO amazing.

  59. I love the reading corner. Lost and Found is such a great book!

  60. So, very lovely! It’s so full of light and has a sense of calm to it! Awesome job!

  61. you have such an amazing sense of color and proportion, this is exactly how i’d want a nursery to look if i ever had a kid. you are so talented!

  62. Congrats Jen this is such a cute and amazing room with so much love in it.
    All the pics are so pro like pics from an decor magazine

  63. Jen, this is so creative and beautiful! Totally belongs in a magazine spread!

  64. Just cannot stop looking at this room. How beautiful. How did you make her tent? I caved and bought one for our princess but it looks nothing like this.


  65. I love the hanging dresses! What an awesome, original idea!

  66. Wow! This room is gorgeous.

  67. Wowowow. I love it all! Such a great job keeping it fresh, happy and playful!

  68. WOW. This is beyond amazing. You’ve created such a perfect and beautiful place for Rowan and she’ll be able to remember and look back on photos of just how wonderful her parents were for creating a space just for her.

  69. I am OVER THE MOON for that bird mobile. The whole room is beautiful. And I really appreciate the emphasis on familial love in the artwork. Rowan is a blessed little girl.

  70. Mindy B. •

    My husband and I bought a print from Heather Brown when we honeymooned in Hawaii!! We really love it :). Rowans room is so so special.

  71. This is the most amazing nursery ever! You are so lucky to have such a huge window! gorgeous!

  72. I love that you said you have such fond memories of your mom making special rooms for you and how that has passed down to Rowan. What a beautiful room!! I love how each piece has meaning to you all. Simply lovely.

  73. Jen, this is just about the most beautiful little girls room I’ve ever seen. It oozes love. x

  74. Totally obsessed! I love the design!! So gorgeous!

  75. I LOVE her room – definitely pinned this for the day Naja has her own πŸ™‚

  76. Hi Jen! I absolutely love the way Rowan’s nursery turned out – it’s so freakin adorable I can hardly stand it!!! I just wanted to let you know that I featured it on my blog under the ‘Room of the day’ today.

    Take care!

  77. sara cangueiro •

    that’s really cute!

  78. I lovely love that print! So sweet πŸ™‚

    And what a great room! I’m jealous of her wood floors! Gorgeous!

  79. Lovely room! I have the same two Katie Daisy prints! Such a cute space!

  80. The little birds are so cute! I really love your blog and will be following you from now on.
    Love, Γƒβ€žnnchen von Tharau

  81. that teepee is SO AWESOME!!! hell, i want one of those for my room!

  82. Melissa •

    Ok, this has to be the COOLEST nursery I have ever seen!!! I am so in love with the fabric(s) you used, & was wondering where I could buy them? I would LOVE to make a duvet out of it!

  83. This room is a dream! So sweet and inspiring…filled with many of my favorite little one things. Rowan is one lucky girl!

  84. Just lovely – I wondering what the color is!!! I am looking for a “white” that has a bit of tone just like this.

  85. Wow! This room just takes my breath away. I love how you desire to give her a place of beauty. <3 You worded that well. It is simply magical!

  86. Wow, this is gorgeous! So many beautiful touches, I love it all! I especially like that you used color sparingly and effectively. I have a tendency to go over due it with bright colors because I love it so much but you’ve made the colors really pop against the whites with out overwhelming them.

  87. I love this bedroom! I am planning my first girls room and wanted to know where you found such cute fabric for crib bedding.

  88. I soooo… love the room…it’s so wholesome, and it just give the so much love ambiance and look…so real and so lived in. I would love playing in this room with my child….it ‘s just so magical. Kind of room ….where memories are made. lLove it …love it

  89. I am in LOVE with this room! The size in amazing, the table and chairs nook so precious! And that Teepee! I. Must. Have. I wish we were neighbor’s so we could have terrific play dates with our children. My son’s room is a bit similar …just much smaller:) Thank you so much for sharing you space! xo

  90. Julie •

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Can I ask what color paint you used?

  91. Candace •

    Where can I find that floral fabric used for the bumper?! I die. It’s perfect.

  92. Absolutely adorable! Where did you find such adorable fabric?

  93. Lindsey •

    Love the fabric on the bumper! Could you tell me the designer or where it came from?

  94. Love, love, love everything about this room! Its beautiful. What color are the walls if you don’t mind me asking?

  95. Adorable. But PLEASE tell me that is a plexiglass mirror! That could be so crazy dangerous if not!

  96. its stunning!! What did u use for the shelves and book library? Are they architraves?

  97. I am interested in how to make the teepee for my grandson. I used a bed sheet and draped it over the poles but I cut the hole too large and now the hole seems to be getting bigger. Please help. Thanks!!

  98. wondering about whether or not you used a pattern for your tepee. Thanks

  99. Ocsliew •

    Hi where is the easel/chalkboard from? thanks!

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