DIY Cat Knee Pads (on tights!)…

Do you Remember Rachel Antonoff’s Fall 2011 Lookbook? Well, it was the most darling thing ever. The clothes were of course beautiful, but I couldnt get enough of those cat tights! I have googled “cat knee pads,” “cat tights,” and “cat knee pad tights” like a hundred times. I never found what I was looking for! So, I just decided to make my own…


1. Find a pair of tights you want to use. I picked a nude color. I recently bought some knee pad tights from asos and loved the nude color they came in with the knee pad. I also decided to paint a pair of white tights as well. Put on your tights and find where your knees hits.

2. Make a cat stencil out of cardstock. Stick some left over cardstock inside each tight leg. Stretch out and tape down each tight. Roughly stretch the tight to be the same length as when you are wearing them.

3. Trace your stencil. Make sure you center it around your knee marks.

4. Start painting. You will notice how much paint the tights suck up. It kind of take a bit to paint each one.

5. Let them dry and you are ready to go!

I also made a pair for Rowan. I cant wait to wear them together. It will be so nerdy yet so awesome at the same time. Twinsies!

  1. wowie…that is the cutest, i love anything with animal motifs… this would look sooo good on red tights !

  2. this is so super cute! and i love that you will be twinsies!

  3. haha! love those cat tights on rowan!

  4. I LOVE that you made some for Rowan – seriously adorable!!!

  5. OMG JEN! this is the best thing i have seen in a long time. i want a pair…right meow! going to have to make some! and matching with rowan? please take photos together when you do!

  6. Holy crap I actually LOL’d when I saw that picture of Rowan lounging on the couch with cat knee pads. “yea, whateves… I got kitty’s on my knees” – what she’s thinking in that first photo.

    p.s. I think this is like the third time I’ve ever commented on this blog, so you know this is a quality post.

    p.p.s Does she keep looking at her knees saying “kitty / kitty-cat”? Cause that would be awesome.

  7. Oh my Jen you are a genius! I am totally going to make these for me and my boo! Thank you thank you!!!

    On a side note: I really love the way you have decided to improve your blog. So far I’m completely relating to every post of the new year. You and your family are a beautiful inspiration to me.


  8. Oh my! These are way too cute! I can’t wait to try this soon.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  9. Oh my lord, that’s the cutest thing ever.

  10. I was going to say how much I loved your pair and then I scrolled down further and saw Rowan’s and just about died of cuteness. How utterly adorable! I need to make some of these for my niece.

  11. I read that article. Thank you for sharing. : ) I’m not a mom yet, but I sometimes worry that maybe I won’t be a good mom because I’m not over-the-moon about giving birth and being pregnant and I don’t see myself being a “Carpe Diem” kind of gal, but then I read articles like that and remember that we are all different for a reason. I can be a good mom, even if it isn’t picture perfect. I can be like the mom in that article, and that’s ok. Btw, I cannot believe some of the negative comments she got? I was shocked reading them! She is brave for writing that, and I applaud her.

  12. Toooooo cute, and so brave!

  13. Also, I love the dotted hearts tights…definitely gonna make me some of those. <3

  14. Ahh!! Those are adorable!! 🙂

  15. Oh how fun and cute! Thanks for sharing!

  16. haha!!! those are SO awesome!!! and i love that you made some for rowan too. i used to have matching outfits with my mom. it’s pretty sweet 🙂

  17. Can’t stand it their adorable and Rowan’s especially

  18. these are SOOOO cute!! such a great idea, and no one else will have tights like you 🙂 they also look super cute on Rowan 🙂

  19. Ohhhh I can’t stand the cuteness!!!! I. MUST. DO. THIS. NOW.!!!! 🙂

  20. Rachel hershey •

    This is adorable and she looks so cute wearing them!!

  21. Good Grief, you are too adorable!

  22. This is so cute! I love it and Rowan looks so precious. Happy Weekend. 🙂

  23. omg, the cutest bit is the matching tights! how adorable, make sure you post a picture of that when you to wear them together… so we can all die over the insane cuteness of it!

  24. Haha, catwomen!

  25. Oh jen, rowan is so precious! I know I will be years behind you, Rowan, Rach, and addy but I look forward to having the adventures you guys get to have!

  26. I’m slow in the blog game lately so I’m just noticing these now but they are too cute not to comment on. I need to try my own pair now.

  27. I wanted to let you know that I tried out my own version of these tights. Such a fun project! Thanks for sharing.

  28. So super cute, couldn’t help but include your tutorial in my top 10 cat diy post 🙂

  29. celticharp •

    What kind of paint are you using? Is it.things enough that you could extend it all the way down to the toe in order to make an elongated cat body that mimic faux thigh high style? I saw some adorable variations of these but the reviews inevitably warned that these only fit girls or short/small women. If you were over 5’6″…. forget about them!


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