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Do you have a “Mom” outfit? I guess this doesn’t have to be called mom outfit, more so your go to outfit when you are just spending the day at home? This would be my outfit. I wear it a lot when I am home for the day. It is easy, comfortable and I kinda just like it a lot. Rowan is taking a nap right now and I figured I would share a little peak into what I am doing & wearing at this exact moment. haha

Nap time means some down time for me. I usually make some tea, sit and relax. I usually blog, read blogs, paint or spend way too much time on pinterest. Lately though, I have been making stuff. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen a little family portrait I was painting for Rowan’s room. I finished it this morning and it came out pretty cute.

What is your favorite thing to do at home?

Hope you all have some down time in your day today to do what you really enjoy!


Outfit Details:
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Minnetonka Slippers: Christmas Gift- One of my favorites! (find here)
Chambray Button Up: Forever 21-old (similar and nicer here)

p.s. dont mind my cord in one of the pictures. Cords don’t make a nice picture.

  1. Is that your office Jen? What a gorgeous work space! Love it!

  2. These is such a cute post! I love your outfit and your work space. Also chai tea is an amazing! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a nap time break.

  3. i love this post, jen. thanks for bringing us into your daily life 🙂

  4. Awww, your mom outfit is cuter than my mom outfit. Erm, mine is not blogworthy. Also, that tea is one of my faves, too. It’s so nice to sit and relax when bebes are napping!

  5. I love this at home chillin’ post Jen…when babies napping my first thing is to make me a cuppa tea, then normally its crappy housework that I can’t get done with him around LOL. your fringe growing out is going really well too , it looks so pretty pinned back….:D

  6. How nice to see a peek into your day!

    Where did you get that Bear print?

  7. I saw the cord and thought – yes! Someone who posts a photo of what their house really looks like. Instead of the carefully angled shots that show no mess. Love this space!

  8. Ohh, your art corner is truly a dream! <3 and I love your trousers – the colour is oh-so perfect!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  9. OMG, this is so classy. When I’m at home, what I wear would be too embarrassing to take a photo of! The form of ugly sweat pants and some old t-shirt. Ugh.

  10. Aw, this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! =D

  11. Shannon •

    Jen, I love the calmness and beauty you’ve expressed with these photos. Thanks for sharing a peek into your beautiful “you” time.

  12. Your printing press is gorgeous! I didn’t know you printed!

  13. Love this outfit! This is definitely my go-to wardrobe on the weekend, ESPECIALLY since I’m nursing. Naja needs easy access.

    One comment – your place looks ABSOLUTELY NEAT AND BEAUTIFUL. I know how hard it is to keep a place neat and clean, so I just had to comment on how spotless the place looks – Kudos Mama!

  14. umm, your office is amazing! so clean and fresh and inviting!

  15. If that it’s your “mom” outfit let me tell you, you look amazing. Love the denim shirt with burgundy. I have to try mixing both colors.

    I love to paint and do DIY’s at home in my free time.

    PS. I love how the little family portrait is going to look.

  16. Love your jeans, I have been looking for a pair for myself for a while!

  17. Oh! I love these photos!

  18. This is the cutest post Jen!! Love your chillin out at home outfit, and your work space is so adorable too. I did get to see your family portrait on twitter – it’s so beautifully drawn. I love it!! Enjoy your day, lovely lady. xo veronika

  19. You, your workspace and your outfit are so cute! Can’t wait to see what youre cooking up there!

  20. Cute post – I love seeing fashion bloggers in their ‘natural habitat’! Love your ‘go-to’ outfit…wish mine was as stylish as that for a day at home!!! 🙂

  21. I love this post! Your “nap time” outfit is way cuter than mine haha! Thanks for showing us your workspace too!

  22. haha, so jealous! I was hoping on those minnetonks for christmas too but it just didn’t happen! I could buy them myself but I think I’ll just wait until next year.

    This is pretty close to how I dress when I’m just hanging around the apartment for the weekend. I love those jeans, though. Super cute!

  23. oh my goodness we have the same mom uniform hehehe.

    You look gorgeous hun, and i really have to mirror the other thoughts of commenters that your space is so gorgeous and neat!!

    Anyway, I spend naps working. I don’t get many naps anymore where both kids are down at the same time, but thats generally when i get my most work done 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the finished painting you did for rowans room – the sneakpeeks were soo cute!

  24. This post is a breath of fresh air, I’m loving the simpler vision for the blog in 2012 🙂

    Is that a table top press? And did you make that “J” printing block yourself? I’d love to see a feature of anything you’ve created using your letterpress!

  25. I totally have a mom outfit. And let me tell you, it’s not nearly as cute as yours. Love your look and your space is wonderful. I love Tazo chai tea too.

  26. I would have to go with the peanut gallery…my mom outfit is not fit to be mentioned…ha ha…it usually is sweats or some sweat/sweater derivative that is thrown on quickly and with not a lot of thought. Where is Stacey from “What Not to Wear” when you need her!? I usually try to wake up sometime in the 4 o’clock hour to ensure a quiet cup of green tea with some coconut oil and some bloggin’ time. Daytime naps are usually devoted to cleaning…ugh.

  27. Out of curiosity, when do you clean house and balance chores/budget, etc? Does Kev help with it? I’m being nosy because I’m about to have two kids and one is dropping his nap already. I don’t know when I’ll have time to do stuff. Any insight that isn’t too personal for you to share (if any) would be so appreciated!

  28. love your mom outfit! and yay youre so creative what a perfect low key day!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  29. i love this post! you have to enjoy that down time 😉

  30. Ooooh… if you like chai you should definitely come up to Ballston Spa & check out The Whistling Kettle. Had their decaf chai over the weekend & it was delicious! (Smells just like a cinnamon hot ball too.)

  31. Mom or not, I love your style! 🙂

    x.o. Mattie

  32. Your new blogging outlook is evident already! This post is so calm and pleasant! I am not a mother but my banging-around-the-house outfit is usually too awful to post. Usually as soon as I get home from work I get in pajamas and a thermal shirt with my bf’s socks.

  33. Cute photos!

  34. Jen I love, love, love this post! I agree with other commenters, there is something really different (and great) about this post. It reminds me of maybe the posts a long time ago – more focused on art and what makes YOU happy! 🙂 I also loved seeing your creative workplace and you in a more casual outfit. I think your happiness really showed when you are sitting in the chair. You’re so cute! I mean, we all think that (I’m sure) but you look…well content, I guess. That’s the difference! Thanks for writing such a great blog and showing us how to be honest, and vulnerable, and true to ourselves, no matter what.

  35. Your mom outfit is so much better than mine! If I am at home with the kiddos, I wear yoga pants and a t-shirt!

    I love those owls!

  36. I love this outfit it looks really comfy casual! Burgundy jeans is such a lovely colour to mix with denim.
    I love settling down to something crafty with a good cup of tea too, though English Breakfast is my fave! Your workspace looks lovely too, I love a light space to work in. Just starting to work from home and getting the space sorted, can’t wait.

  37. I totally have a home outfit! There is something about being comfortable at home! I really enjoyed this post, and the pictures =)

  38. Your home outfit is way too cute! I wear sweatpants and and old sweatshirt! You are so cute!

  39. LOVE this outfit and your office. bright and sunny! I look forward to reading your posts every day. Thank you so much creating such beautiful blog!! 🙂 If you dont mind me asking but I wanted to know where is the desk from. Thank you!!

  40. This is so cute, Jen! Love it!

  41. seriously loving your work space, which is very similar to mine only better! haha. very inspiring and the photos are beautiful. <3

  42. Super cute! I would definitely not call that a mom outfit! 😉

    xo Jennifer

  43. I am loving your office, where did you find that desk? Thanks!

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