Oh Canada…

I should have taken more pictures when we were in Canada the other week, but I kind of failed in that aspect. My sister Amy, on the other hand, took some beautiful b&w photos. She is one of the most talented photographers I know. She has that special something that knows exactly when to capture the right moment. Each picture holds so much more than just the picture itself. Amy is the one who took these pictures the night before I gave birth.

Here are 2 pictures from our trip that I will forever hold dear…

The first one is of my Nana. I love, love, love the way she is looking at Rowan. How cute, right? 4 generations in one picture. The next picture is of my Grandpa in his office. I love that, on the wall, there is a picture of the Maple Leaf Gardens, as well as a picture of my Mom and aunts when they were kids. I love that Rowan is sitting at his desk, as we were talking about maps and pretending she was the boss.

I haven’t lived in Canada for 17 years, but whenever I go back it feels like home. It holds all my wonderful childhood memories, and almost all my extended family. It is very special for me when Rowan gets to be a part of that.

  1. these are really beautiful, jen! how special. (we call my grandma, nana, too!)

  2. Jen, lovely pictures. I particularly like the 4 generations once:) It’s so nice to see the legance of old ladies who achieve it with simply putting a small brooch with everything they wear. It reminds me of my own great aunt and great grandma! thank you for triggering these memories:)

  3. oh these pictures are so precious, love the desk shot, what a sweet moment! enjoy!!

  4. the way shes looking at rowan IS so precious!!

    <3 steffy
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  5. Awe what beautiful meaningful pictures!

  6. I absolutely love these photos!! The women in your family are gorgeous!! So special to share and capture these moments! Amy is an amazing photographer, I also loved Rowan’s birth eve photos as well! 🙂

  7. What special pictures! It’s great that your grandparents get to know Rowan 🙂


  8. Pictures always have a special place in everyone’s heart…They are the only piece of rememberence and always remain with you as sweet memories….BTW these two pictures are really good….

    @ 500babies.com

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