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We just got our christmas cards in the mail from Pinhole Press and we couldn’t be more excited about them!! Kev and I are super nerdy about handmade books, paper, and well designed stationary. This is why we love, love, love Pinhole Press. The printing is beautiful! We love the matte finish and amazingly thick cardstock. Kev’s web design company is actually working with Pinhole Press and Pinhole Pro on some new website designs at the moment, so we know first hand that this is a great company.


Didn’t the cards come out so cute? I can’t wait to send them to all our family and friends. We also designed and screen printed an awesome infographic newsletter about things that happened in 2011. I will be sharing the end result soon!

NOW!!! Onto one of my favorite things this christmas… Pinhole Press has a photo book you can make called, The Big Book of Names and Faces. The book is already laid out for you! All you have to do is drop in a picture and type out a name. We made one and filled all 23 photo pages with everyone who has been important to her & us this first year. Rowan is going to LOVE this book; it came out so freaking good! The perfect christmas gift for your little one!

Here are a few of my favorite pages…


Head over to Pinhole Press to check out all their awesome products.
p.s There is still time to order for christmas delivery, but you gotta be quick!

  1. SO STINKIN’ CUTE! Oh my goodness. And I totally understand the super nerdy paper thing. Except my husband doesn’t understand my obsession with it. Oh well… more nerdiness for me, I suppose. 🙂

  2. what a cute idea to make a book like that!!

  3. This is the cutest book ever! Such a good idea!

  4. Your Christmas cards are adorable, and the book is even more adorable! She is really going to love it!

  5. I really like that idea of having a names and faces book for Rowan! It would definitely hep learing people’s names!

  6. that book is so freaking cute! i wish i knew someone with a baby to get it for!

  7. Pinhole Press is great! That book is such a sweet idea, both for when she’s just starting to read and as a keepsake years down the road.

  8. that book is the best! my sister just had a baby and this would make a great christmas gift, hopefully i’m in time for holiday shipping!

  9. this makes me so happy!!!!

  10. I’m nerdy about stationary as well. 🙂 Your cards are lovely and that book is fantastic!!! I need a few of those. What a great gift it would be for the grandparents.

  11. Wow wow wow, these are the cutest ever! I would love to make a book – that would be the perfect present!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  12. THAT IS ADORABLE. love love love that book idea

  13. What a great xmas card! I sent out my very first holiday cards this year and it was so much fun! I thought being single it was weird but it isn’t, it’s fun! I also love the book. Such a gift for your girl who loves pictures!

  14. LOVE it 🙂 the book is so cute. you guys are great!

  15. That is the best gift idea ever! I think it would be good for someone suffering alzheimer too… without wanting to be a downer I think it would be a great tool 🙂

    Merry Holidays!!


  16. Your cards are fabulous! I love the square format…more non-traditional. Such a cute family!

  17. Oh, my, goodness, she is going to LOVE that!! Pointing at it nonstop! That gift is amazing, she is such a lucky girl!!

    And your Christmas card looks amazing!! Happy Holidays Jen, Kev and little Rowan!!

  18. That is one of the cutest books I’ve ever seen. What an adorable idea!

  19. beautiful! that book is awesome too!

  20. I love this bigger than the whole worlddddd. <3

  21. this book is such a great idea!! thanks for sharing….i’ll be heading over there!!

  22. Jen that is the cutest idea…EVER. And your Christmas cards are too cute. Just too.darn.cute 🙂 OK I’ll stop using the word cute now, but seriously. So cute.

    The Other Side of Gray

  23. I love your blog! (And your style!) I will definitely be doing this photo book for my 18-month old little girl…her name is Rowan too! Merry Christmas!

  24. Oh, I LOVE this book. how beautiful! and how sweet that Rach and Addy are in it too!

  25. i lOve it !
    i’ll try it from here _ france ^_^
    have sweets hOlidayz

  26. I LOVE your holiday card – and I love the book of names and faces! What a great thing for a baby to have when friends and family aren’t part of the everyday. I have a much-loved 2 year old niece in Florida, and I want to make one of these for her like crazy. Looks like I will be forcing everyone to pose for special pictures over Christmas in preparation.

    I have been so challenged lately keeping up with blogs, but I save yours and never miss one – you always inspire! Thanks and happy holidays Jen and fam!

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