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Not going to lie, today has been rough. It is 9:05pm and I am just now sitting down to the computer to get some work done and a post up. When we were at the doctors today for Rowan’s 15 month appointment, we found out she has a double ear infection. She also has a terrible cold and is cutting about 10 teeth at the moment. It’s seriously the perfect storm brewing over here.

On to brighter things though… Do you love Friends? I do. Don’t you love the episode when Monica gets her new boots? haha. Again, I do. For some reason, as soon as I got these new boots I kept repeating lines from that episode in my head. Except these boots are the most comfortable boots ever, so kev doesn’t have to piggy back me home like in that episode. Actually, I wore my new Korkease boots all day yesterday. It wasn’t even a day that I didn’t do anything either. I was at church super early, running around setting up all the decorations for christmas. I was pretty much in love from head to toe with this outfit.


Outfit Details:
Dress: c/o Fossil
Blouse: Vintage
Belt: Thrifted
Socks: Target
Bailey Boots: c/o Korkease

  1. Aw poor baby! Hope the ‘storm’ passes quickly! Love the outfit, and love the Friends mention (I spent my study break today, or rather a few of them, watching Friends)!

  2. Lovely! You looks so sweet, that dress is really pretty, love the high socks and boots, gives the look a nice edge!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. Awe, I hope little Rowan feels better! Sending you positive vibes for the tougher days πŸ™‚

    This look is really fab, I love how it’s kind of unexpected yet ties in together so well! I can’t believe the bare legs, my part of the world is covered in snow and ice right now!

    Hope the rest of the week sees this sweet little girl get better and her mommy get some rest.

    Virginie Γ’β„’Β₯

  4. Oh no poor Rowan!! Good timing for the checkup though, sometimes so hard to tell
    If they have ear infections when they are teething.:( hope those teeth hurry up!! Shut up I LOVE that dress! Also the boots are pretty darn fantastic!

  5. Sorry to hear little Rowan is not well. I wish her a speady recovery, especially running up to Christmas …
    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  6. First off, I hope Rowan feels better soon!
    What an adorable outfit, beautiful dress! Haha, I often can relate life to Friends episodes too. Those boots do look comfortable.

  7. That dress was made for you! You look so gorgeous and happy!!! I love the whole outfit A+. I hope little Rowan feels better soon <3

  8. My first thought was, OMG those boots!! Then I saw your outfit and was in total love! I love the white shirt underneath. I’m in the same boat as you. It’s 10:30pm and I’ve only started to prep for tomorrow’s lesson. I hope Rowan feels better!

  9. adorable dress and love the socks n boots! so sorry to hear about rowan… but friends cures all woes πŸ™‚

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. Good Luck with Sweet Rowan. I understand! My son just got over three weeks of strep that was unresponsive to antibiotics. I highly recommend Humphrey’s and baby tylenol for the teething and general soothing of Rowan. Poor girl and poor momma. Hang in there.

  11. I adore your dress and your boots! I haven’t heard of that brand of shoes before, that’s good to know they are so comfy.

    I hope you’re little one feels better soon. Ear infections are no fun. πŸ™

  12. Those boots are awesome! I like that you layered the tall socks with them.

  13. What a marrrrrvelous outfit! The boots, to die for. The socks, the perfect accessory. The dress, so colourful and charming. And the shirt, tying it all together so nicely. You must be the raddest in order to be this put together in the face of what sounds to be quite the grumpy, sad little girl

  14. I just adore this outfit! It’s so nice to find a pair of shoes that you can run around in all day that are also stylish!

    Sorry to hear that you had a rough day πŸ™ Hope Rowan feels better.

    xo Ashley

  15. beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful …. great boots!!

  16. Ah, oh my goodness Jen – yes those boots are freakin awesome. I love, love them!! And this whole outfit for that matter – you’ve styled this look so beautifully. Aw and hope Rowan feels better soon. πŸ™‚ xo veronika

  17. Very adorable outfit! Your boots are gorgeous! I hope that baby Rowan gets to feeling better soon! Poor thing must be feeling so icky! Good this she got checked up and is on the road to recovery! =)

  18. Oh, double ear infection has been the story of two of our four boys’ lives in their early yearsÒ€¦Its NO FUN! πŸ™ You’ll absolutely appreciate her when she is “back to normal” though. It’s amazing how you almost forget how sweet and fun they are when they are sick. I’ll keep her in my prayers!
    Love the boots and socks, I gotta say–even in Hawaii I’m wearing boots a lot these days! πŸ™‚

  19. Ooh Jen, I am so inspired by this outfit! You may see me copying you on my blog this week!
    I hope Rowan gets better soon!!

    Charlotte x

  20. This is an amazing outfit…love everything about it. Annnd I watch Friends everyday at the gym…can’t get enough of it! Hope Rowan feels better soon πŸ™‚

    The Other Side of Gray

  21. LOVE this outfit! I hope Rowan feels better very soon! We are constantly dealing with ear infections or colds (or both!) around these parts so I know how rough it is. Get well wishes sent her way!

  22. I am so jealous of your fossil gear! I’ve been browsing their site a lot lately because I was in the market for a watch and I really like the whole collection they have going right now. And I always love a dress worn as a jumper. Cute!

  23. Love the look, once again ;-).

  24. poor Rowan, and poor mama, its so hard on them and you when theyre poorly. Hope she makes a swift recovery and those little toothy pegs pop through soon. Had the same with Neo last week and thankfully since he cut them he has been a different little boy..which is nice, lol!
    Regardless of all the stressy stuff, you look so good! This dress is gorgeous, and those boots are to die for πŸ™‚

  25. Love it! Love the socks with the boots and the dress especially!

  26. sarah d. •

    poor rowan! i hope she feels better soon. i understand about the storm. my 6 month old daughter had her first cold (my lovely mother in law got her and i sick on thanksgiving) and cut her first tooth at the same time. teething is the pits around here. but we’re hanging in there!

    i just love the way you put outfits together…this one especially! love the blouse under that cute dress!

  27. Amazing outfit! You look absolutely adorable. I’ve always wanted to wear over the knee socks with a dress but I always feel revealing…you however pull it off!

    P.S. – Those boots are wonderful!

  28. I just love those boots and socks!

  29. Poor Rowan! I hope she feels better soon. :o(

  30. I am so in love with this outfit! so my style! boots are great, but that dress! to.die.for!


  31. Jen! This is such a cute outfit. I was ironing a dress just like this today and thought of you! I love how you styled it and I just might have to do something similar!

  32. Great pop-up shop today and this dress is too cute! Never thought to shop Fossil before but I might have to check out their site…

  33. Gah! The boots! The thigh highs! The dress! The sunlight! This is such a great outfit, Jen, and some amazing pictures. Hope Rowan feels better soon!

  34. Aaaaah, I love that episode of friends! And I love your dress. Fossil rocks.

    Hope little Rowan feels better πŸ™

  35. I am on such a Friends kick lately. Well… I ALWAYS have been on a Friends kick. I grew up watching that show (I know, lil’ ol’ me being a child watching it). Every time I get a new pair of shoes I think of that episode. And most of my shoes happen to be boots anyway haha.

    But I hope Rowan feels better. I feel so bad for little babies who have to go through that! And also… seriously adorable outfit.

    xo kristen

  36. Your outfit is beautiful! And I do love Friends! My roommate and I are rewatching all of the seasons.

  37. I love this in a very Rachel-Berry-sort-of way. And who knew Fossil made such adorable dresses? Just pinned this.

  38. This may be one of my favorite outfits from you yet! Love the fullness of the dress and those amazing boots. Hope Rowan starts feeling better soon!

  39. This is such a cute outfit!! I love jumper dresses like this.

    Sorry to hear Rowan is sick πŸ™ Babies with ear infections need so much extra love and comfort. I hope the antibiotics work fast for her sake and yours.

  40. I LOVE this outfit to bits. that dress is adorable!
    I love Friends, too!! I’ve seen every single episode at least five times. I can really identify with the boots episode, unfortunately.

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