Kev’s Wishlist….


I thought I was going to have a hard time with this one. He never tells me very much. I was sure I would have to dig around to find things he would like, but I ended up having the most stuff for him out of all 3 of us. Have you ever been to before? It is like the coolest Sale website ever (Thanks Amy!). So perfect for the design loving guy like Kev.

1. Fossil Estate Messenger: Perfect for meetings or just generally looking cool
2. Volcom Stone Cloud Beanie: Kev loves a good beanie for the winter.
3. Jessica Hische Letterpressed I: This would look awesome in Kev’s office for Iron to Iron.
4. Ben Sherman Twill Tartan Shirt: Love Ben Sherman. This shirt has such great colors in it.
5. Helveticards: Kev loves good design. Why not have some well designed play cards.
6. Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier: Kev loves hiking. This would be perfect to take Rowan.
7. Men’s Earthkeepers® 2.0 Cupsole Moc Toe Boot: These shoes are awesome (and on sale!)
8. Books (Mere Christianity, and Doctrine): Great books by Great men!
9. BRUINS TICKETS!: We love the Bruins.
10. RayBan Original Wayfayers: Kev always borrows mine- he deserves his own.
11. New iphone 4S: We need new phones, we still have the 3Gs.
12. iMac Carrying Case: Kev has to carry his 27″ iMac around a lot. I know he really wants this.
13. Pentel Mechanical Pencil and Lead: Kev loves his mechanical pencils.
14. Ugmonk Math Problem Shirt: An awesome shirt!

  1. awesome! I love all your wishlists. Tons of stuff on here Chris would love too!

  2. Hiya,

    Love your blog and this post. My husband has very similar taste.

  3. I gotta agree with the comment above me. My boyfriend has similar taste as well! He picked really good stuff!

  4. those are great books.
    thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This is such a cool and creative wishlist! Although my boyfriend’s taste is a little different, I think I could take some ideas for my brother’s gifts!

  6. I always have the hardest time trying to figure out what gifts to give to guys – it’s true they never say what they like/want – but these are some great, inspired ideas! 🙂

  7. Abby Walker •

    Jen, I have a friends and family coupon for timberland, get a better deal on those boots! Good through Dec 5th.

  8. Your wish list posts are great! I love this! Such inspiration for the giving season! =)

  9. Great ideas…
    Do you two do stockings for eachother?
    you’ve got me inspired to actually shop for Dave this year! 😉 Books are always good–and those are both good ones!

  10. I adore the Timberland high tops, they would look amazing on Ramiro!

    Virginie ♥

  11. The Doctrine book is so good. The Driscolls are doing a series of seminars for their new book, real marriage. Has kev ever checked out The Resurgence site?

  12. : ) i love your love for your husband

  13. love that you included helveticards! my professor in college designed those! we have a pack that we leave displayed out on a shelf. they’re gorgeous 😀

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