Rowan’s Wishlist…

I promise Rowan hand picked every one of these items. haha. Ok, maybe not, but I’m sure she would pick them if she knew more than 4 words. I want to buy her all of it!! Everything is so dang cute. I already shared the first thing we bought her last week, but I know we will be adding a few more things from this list as well.


1. Pelican Baby Sleigh– I can’t wait to go sledding with Rowan!
2. Rainbow Stacker– So pretty!
3. Misha Lulu Wallpaper Jumper– This is the cutest little dress.
4. Plush Fox Pillow– Adorable!
5. B. Zany Zoo– I love these activity cubes.
6. Minnetonka Double Fringe Bootie– Haha. I even I want these for myself.
7. Snoozy Cordurory Flowers Girl– Love Handmade goodies!
8. Land of Nod Chair– Rowan loves climbing into chairs. I wish she had her own little couch.
9. Suzette the Fox– Blabla dolls are my absolute favorite kids toys. I want Rowan to have them all!
10. Books, books & more books– We can never have enough books!
11. Roll out Chalkboard– How AWESOME is this?
12. See Kai Run Mary Janes– These are my favorite brand of kid shoes.
13. ABC Blocks– Love these non-traditional and hilarious ABC blocks.

What’s on your little ones Christmas wishlist?

p.s. Tomorrow I will share Kev’s Christmas Wishlist!

  1. awesome pics rowan! jess has suzette and just loves her to pieces. and a mini chair is a must for any kiddo. we have a hand me down from her brothers but she LOVES to sit and read.

  2. those blocks lmao.

  3. Aracely Campbell •

    Omg I’m in love with that website The Land Of NOD!!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Oh i desperately want those Minnetonkas for myself, too. Land of Nod has so much great stuff right now. I just sewed a tree skirt that was inspired by one on the site. I’m writing a post about it next weekend.

  5. I have #6 & #13 on Jude’s wishlist, too!

    Hi, friend! I miss you! Can’t wait to see you and your sweet family in March!

  6. I LOVE the blocks! So fun.

  7. Super cute choices Rowan made. 🙂 Those wood stacking toys are the best. My kids would play with those for hours. And, you can never have enough books. Olive, The Other Reindeer is one of our all-time favs.

    My kids are a little older so all they want is LEGO’s and American Girls.

    You are going to love the holidays more than ever this year!!! There’s nothing better than celebrating with your own little one’s. It’s the best thing ever. So magical!


  8. Wow! I’ll definitely have to check out some of these sites!
    I followed your lead and let Levi open his first Christmas present already (He had a fever, I felt awful! :)) and I plan to put it away now until Christmas. ha. Love it.
    Aloha, and enjoy FALL!

  9. oh my! those moccasins are too precious! i think rowan might need her own style posts soon 😉

  10. My son had #9. At first he found it interesting but one day he got his little finger stuck on the rotating cubes so I had to return it. But I do love toys made out of wood, they are the best.

  11. I mean number 5 not #9.

  12. Anouschka •

    Oh! I love See Kai Run for toddlers too! I live in Belgium and I order them online. There not that good for children going to school because the leather is really soft and after one week out on the playground, they have holes in it 🙂

    Wishlist for Leni ( 4)
    – a trolley
    – doll clothes
    – books about ballerina’s
    – a doll bed
    – princess dress
    – princess skirt

    Liv ( 18 months)
    – a stroller for her doll
    – a freggle-doll
    – anything that she can put on her head, she loves hats, alicebands, caps, crowns….

  13. I love the fox. I registered for that when I was expecting but didn’t get it… maybe I can get it for her first birthday/Christmas! (she was born on NYE!)


  14. Dyce has the ABC blocks and he loves them….they are pretty hysterical!

  15. The B. Zany Zoo is a wonderful investment! My son got it for his first Christmas when he was 3 months old. It still gets played with on a regular basis three years later.

  16. That sled is too cute! I wish they made them in adult sizes too!

  17. so cute! sometimes i really want to be a child again 😉

  18. Sooooo very cute!!

  19. Love Rowan’s list! Just wanted to let you know my outfit post today was inspired by you…check it out if you get a chance 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  20. I’m a grownup lady and I want all of these items!!!

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