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One thing I am continually learning through motherhood is to go with the flow. I feel like as soon as we are in a good routine and things are going smoothly, something changes & we are scrambling, trying to find the new routine. This week is one of those weeks. We are a little out of sync this week. I can’t seem to get a grasp on the whole nap situation these days. I feel like Rowan is starting to drop from 2 to 1 nap a day but neither one is working out at the moment. There seems to just be cons on both sides and we can’t find the right combination. We are ending up with a very tired toddler who doesn’t know what is going on. Poor little honey.

One thing I do know from this last year of parenting is that each stage will pass and we will figure this out too. My fingers are crossed…

P.S. I saw this article on Annie’s blog last week and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It is such an inspiring and convicting article about being a Mother.

  1. Poor you, and sleepy Rowan too. I’m sure you guys will figure out the whole nap routine soon 🙂

  2. I feel you my friend. It’s so frustrating to feel like you’re just floundering and left to guess and test about something that seems so important. Can’t someone just tell me exactly what to do to get my child the maximum amount of sleep her body will allow?! My 13.5 month old is down to 1 nap too, and it is so hard to find support or help online- there are hardly any babies who drop the 2nd nap so early! And concerning sleep, our pediatrician is always out of ideas beyond “all babies are different!”

    Wynne naps for a max of 90 minutes (sometimes only 45 or 60) and flatly refuses to nap a 2nd time. It just isn’t enough to make it to bedtime without several fits and meltdowns. I feel like there are literally no solutions to our problem. These are cranky cranky days in our household, for the baby and for us.

  3. If you learn this one early, you’ll be so glad. But it is one of those things you have to keep re-learning…we tend to like to control things, and with little ones…it’s not usually an option….
    Learning to ENJOY the ride is the key!
    Enjoy…one nap a day is great, and pretty soon (if she’s like Levi–18 months,) she’ll even challenge you for that one! Aaaahhh!
    XO aloha!

  4. another Jen •

    I’m not a mom, or even close to it, but I look up to you so much and your posts about little Rowan are so encouraging, and so was that link to that blog about motherhood. My mom (and my dad!) gave up her life for her kids– I’m the second of four, and my mom gave up her teaching career as well to stay home with us– she was at home with a preschooler for 18 years straight! Now she’s working part-time in the school system again, but her schedule still matches up with my (high school aged) brothers’ so she can still be there with them in the morning and when they get home from school. I know she doesn’t regret for a second “missing out” on the things the world values for all the little moments she spent with us– cleaning up our puke, making us snacks, helping us with homework, driving us around. She’s the greatest picture of Christ I will ever know, yet I know that she doesn’t consider it a sacrifice at all!
    Rowan is a lucky little pumpkin to have a mommy like you.

    -Someone else named Jen

  5. Heather R •

    Ahhh thank you for posting, I could have written this. Actually I have been sitting in the car for 1+ hour as my 14 month old naps. She was on such a good routine, and like Rowen seems to be dropping nap #2. She has been tired for days :(. The worst part is, we keep missing story times/play dates/open gyms because I am so lost trying to figure out whether to keep trying to get her down or bring an over tired toddler out!

    Good luck! Hopefully both our kiddos will figure it out soon!

  6. Ain’t that the truth!!!!! I know exactly what you’re going through, I never thought I’d learn patience, boy was I wrong!

  7. Absolutely loooved the Motherhood Is a Calling article, Seriously exactly what I needed confirming! Thanks so much for sharing that and being an open honest momma, if every momma was so judgement free and open it’d make motherhood much easier for us all.

  8. True that! Enjoy every day, one at a time. xoxo

  9. Loved the article.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. ah, these crazy stages. my sweet tot gets up two or FIVE times a night. ugh! just wanted to say thank you for posting that article. i actually almost started to believe some of those partial truths and half lies. glad i didn’t listen…this last year of motherhood has been the best of my life.

  11. they do go through a weird transition stage before they’re ready for 1 nap where neither is good & they’ll be fighting & screaming the naps…it doesn’t last long, my girl just moved to 1 nap & she goes down happily for a few hours now. Just roll with it…

  12. justine b. •

    Praise God that he gave motherhood such purpose! That article was such a good little sermon for my heart. thanks so much for sharing it – i’ll be passing it along.

  13. Adele transitioned to one nap a day at around 15 months. It’s frustrating, but don’t worry – one nap is so much easier. And if you’re lucky, it’ll be a 3 hour nap like Adele’s. Just push her morning nap back 15 to 30 minutes each day until she’s going down for one longer nap sometime in between her two current naps. Before you know it you’ll forget all about the transition period and wonder how she ever took two naps a day.

  14. what a wonderful article! It is so rare to see anyone embrace this sort of life, even in the Christian world. A woman asked me if I ever wanted to have children and she was so surprised that I enthusiastically said “YES! Lots!” Her response was “Wow, I never hear anyone say that anymore.” How sad! It is a high calling, but a very blessed one as far as I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing that, I’m sure the Lord is blessing you as you seek to live this out, He’s certainly using you to motivate others 🙂

  15. Hello!
    I now what you mean. Our little girl is two years old now and got into the “I don’t want to sleep” phase! As I gave her the change to show me if this is really a fact, she was not herself in the late afternoon, totally controlled by her tiredness. So I think I have to force her to sleep. Now it turned out, that she don’t want to go upstairs in her bed to sleep, she says she wants to cuddle and so we do in the living room till she falls a sleep without any discussion!

    hope everything gets easier for you soon!


  16. Sally F. •

    My sister & I both read your blog regularly but she got to her blogroll before me today. She forwarded me the link to “Motherhood is Calling” and said, “I just read this on Jen Loves Kev. Sooooo good.” Just got a chance to read it.

  17. thanks so much for posting that article!
    hope you don’t mind, i’ve passed it on here:

  18. Desiring God, Jen? Rock on! Great article. I love your outfits with skirts btw. Especially J.Crew ones.

  19. Ah Jen, thanks so much for posting about this. I love it when you come across a post about exactly what you are going through yourself. My wee man is only 6 months, but those 6 months have been the most incredible/overwhelming journey of battling between the beauty and newness of having him in our lives and the crazy weight of responsibility of our new phase in life. I often need that kick up the toosh to remind me of my calling as a mother, especially one that wants to be like Jesus. I re-posted the article you linked and have had so many friends resonate with it too, so thank you. x

  20. Letting go was one of the first things I had to learn as a mother of twins. When they were babies (they’re spirited 3 year olds now!) our motto was “as soon as you think you have it figured out, they’ll change it up!” Naps and meals and bedtime are always a moving target and the two to one nap transition was really rough for a few months. This too shall pass, mine still nap about two hours every day in the afternoon. And now that I have a new baby as well it’s become whole family naptime. Motherhood is such a blessing. I’m glad you know that.

  21. Jen – I loved this article. This was so true, and very convicting in a good way. Motherhood is definitely a gift, and it’s very easy to get consumed in other things and forget that exactly. I wonder what would happen if every day I vowed to wake up to Naja like she was my #1 item on my Christmas list. Thanks for the link 🙂

  22. Jen–Long time reader, first time poster. I read the article on Motherhood with some excitement, since I’m a new mom (my daughter is 10 months old). I am not Christian. I was raised Catholic but an early age refuted its beliefs for a number of reasons. But this is besides the point. I find this article alarmingly anti-feminist and an attack on my senses as a woman and mother. This article sounds as if it’s from the 1950’s, where a woman’s sole purpose in life was to be a mother, and if she felt otherwise, there was a problem with her. A child should not be the entire focus of your existence and happiness. I find this incredibly unrealistic and that this kind of mantra is what led to many woman suffering in silence in earlier generations when there was no voice given to women who suffered from postpartum depression. Are these women just narcissists? And women who choose to have abortions are just narcissists as well? How simple minded and insensitive. And all this coming from you “Christians?” Kills me with irony every time. I expected much more from you.

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