14 Months | An update…


I had a mild heart attack this morning as I realized Rowan will be 14 months on Saturday. Umm what? How did that happen? I guess I sort of stopped doing monthly post for Rowan after her birthday. I figure I will do them every so often, if I remember. So here we go with a little 14 month update…


Rowan is honestly the light of our lives. I can not express enough how big her personality is. She has the funniest expressions, the funniest laugh, she LOVES being around kids. She also loves waving and now saying “hello” to everyone too. She walks and runs like a 2 year old. She is way, way too smart for her own good. She is always on the go and loves to explore new things. She is not timid and she definitely doesn’t need Mommy or Daddy around in new situations. Kev and I always joke that it would be funny if there was a safe way to let her loose, say like in the mall, while we watched her from afar to see what she did for an hour. I think she would be in heaven; wandering around, waving and playing with things.


Her new thing is folding her arms. She does it all the time. It’s really cute. Rowan also loves dancing. Whenever there is music on her hips start swaying back and forth and he arms get going. She knows how to twirl too. Rowan can say Kitty cat, ball, book, bubble and hello. Not all perfect, of course, but in her baby kind of way. She also loves to hold one little finger over her lips and “ssshhhhhhh” everyone. Whenever there is a loud noise or a dog barking she says “shhhhhh!”


We are still sort of having a hard time with her eating. She is so picky and sometimes just doesn’t eat. She does love her snacks though. Her favorite foods (I think) are bbq tofu, cheddar bunnies, apples, bananas, Kashi Soft fruit bars, blueberry greek yogurt, raisins, cheese sticks, Naked Green Machine juice (sneak those veggies in!), Earths Best wheat teeth biscuits, veggie burgers and our saving grace for getting her to eat veggies are the Plum Organic pouches. She refuses to be spoon feed, so at least with the pouches she holds them and sucks the food out, thinking she’s doing it herself.


I’ve been trying to reflect a lot lately over the things I’ve learned this past year. The one thing that I think is the most important to understand is that everyone is going to have a different way to parent. No one way is right. The only thing that is right, is what’s right for your family. We may have made our own baby food, used cloth diapers and let her watch some tv, but that doesn’t mean it was the only way…or the right way. It was, however, the way that Kev and I decided was best for us. We are the only two that can make that decision. Yes, some decisions need research because we don’t have all the answers, but in the end, we make the decision. So if you’re a Mom, feel proud of yourself! Feel proud of the decisions you make and know that no matter what anyone else is doing, you are doing what is best for your family.

*in case you were wondering Rowan is wearing- Sweater: Target, Denim Dress: c/o Tea Collection, Red tights: Walmart, Bow Flats: Payless.

  1. I love your posts about Rowan. I think it’s obvious that she gets her adventurous spirit from her parents! She is a gorgeous little girl. I always look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Aww she’s the cutest! She looks adorable folding her chubby arms, the shhhhhh-ing must be hilarious!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. She’s adorable! It makes me excited to see my little one get big (although she’s quite a chunker for 3 1/2 months old. In the 90th percentile for weight, actually!) XO

    real budget, real body fashion:

  4. I think that your confidence in not being afraid to look outside of pre conceived ideas and doing what’s right for you has been the greatest inspiration to me! The other day my friend was telling me how I’ll have to keep up with the blogging once I’ll start a family because it will be inspiring to some and I was telling her how you have been such an inspiration to me even though I’m not a mother yet. I think it was when you shared with us that Rowan didn’t have her own room before 6 months that I really realized how there are no rules but even more so that there are no rules. IYou have really inspired me to look beyond social stereotypes of what is or “should” be when you have a baby!

    Your little family is just beautiful and I’m proud of you guys and all your accomplishments!

    Virginie ♥

  5. Oh what a sweet sweet babe. Don’t you love their little personalities? I don’t have kids yet but boy do I have some nieces and nephews that are funny!
    Love her folding her arms 🙂

  6. Is that her name> Rowan? she just looked so precious. and she’s havin’ that cute folded arms.. haha

  7. Your baby girl is darling! Cutest shots of her in action.

  8. Great advice, Jen.

    And, I think I’m going to draw inspiration from Rowan’s outfit. I have to wear something similar immediately!

  9. Shes a doll and you guys are obviously the most loving parents. Keep doing what you’re doing… she’s so lucky to have you guys! (and vice versa) 🙂

  10. Aaaw love the outfit. Your little one is soo adorable.


  11. Oh she’s such a doll! I’m sure you guys are doing an amazing job raising this little girl, way to go!!

  12. She is growing up so fast! She could not be any cuter. It truly seems like you and Kev are doing an amazing job as parents… you should definitely be proud of yourselves!

  13. she is so adorable, i adore her red tights! being a mom is the best thing in the world!

  14. That’s a great parenting philosophy, and Rowan sounds really cool, just like her parents! And although she’s a picky eater, you still listed quite a few things that she’ll eat!! I’ve known of a few toddlers who refused to eat anything but crackers or bread. As long as you can sneak in the veggies, you’re good 🙂

  15. aww she is so precious and always dressed so cute just like her momma

  16. stumbled across your blog from the daybook. your little girl is just so fabulous! i am loving her entire outfit. so beautiful!
    xo TJ

  17. Holy cow she’s got some cheeeeeeeks!! Love her lil’ tights. She’s just beautiful. It goes by so quickly!


  18. Cannot believe she is getting so old. I swear it seems like yesterday you were announcing you were pregnant on the blog! It’s so fun to see all of her little updates and watch her grow up 🙂 This outfit is the cutest little thing ever!!!! (Well, you know, and those cheeks) Her folding her arms and saying shhh had me laughing a little bit.

    I think you’re absolutely right about different parenting style… but I do not know how the mothers do it who let their kids watch absolutely no t.v.!!! I babysit a few one and a half year olds here in Chicago and there have been a few times where it’s an absolutely meltdown that is totally cured by putting Elmo on TV. More power to those who don’t have to use it as a tool, but I’m pretty sure my sanity might require it when I end up having kids haha.

  19. She’s such a doll! I know I’ve said it before, but why, oh why can’t people think fat cheeks and chubby legs are cute when you’re a grown up?! Life would be so much easier!

  20. I think my dogs taught her how to shhhhhhhh.

  21. I know exactly how you feel! We’re coming up on my son’s 4th birthday and he just started school yesterday.. It just blows my mind.

    If she’s being a picky eater, I can give you a few of my cheats for when my son decides he’s not eating anything.
    1: smoothies. They’re cool colors and sweet but mine have a couple kale leaves, spinach, ground flax seed and kefir as the base. Once that’s pureed, I call him over to add his fruit of choice and ta-da! super healthy smoothie and he hasn’t got a clue.
    2: ice pops/ice cream. The ice pops are seriously the same thing I’d put in the smoothies, but I don’t let him help with these since they only come out when he refuses the smoothie. They’re frozen and on a stick so he thinks he’s getting away with something. The ice cream is just frozen bananas put through the food processor. add a little honey and cinnamon, yum!
    3: chicken nuggets. One pound chicken, one shredded apple, one diced onion. food processor again, shape into nuggets and dip in bread sticks then bake at 350 until cooked through (5-10 minutes usually)

    Now obviously we call them picky for a reason, but these always work for my son. Hope they help!

  22. Awww… she’s such a doll. Glad you are enjoying every bit of motherhood. 🙂


  23. OK…she is adorable! And Levi (At 17 months) read this with me and I think he is smitten. 🙂
    I also think she is saying more words than he is! Ha!
    They are so much fun.
    And way to go on your parenting…I take so many shortcuts (homeschooling three boys and a toddler at my ankles being the only excuse,) but I admire the whole cloth diaper and making your-own-food thing.
    Parenting is great. Family is awesome–and I hope you have three more! 🙂 (but that too, of course, if an individual choice!)

  24. Such a cutie! My sister and I are 14 months apart, so I’m always amazed when I see kids that age and think of my mom with a 14-month-old and a newborn. Whew! But that’s such a fun age, and Rowan seems like a pistol!


  25. Yeah agree, each parent has their way of doing things, you are so right. Lovely photos by the way.

  26. she is such a doll

  27. I love these posts. They are beautiful and reminds me that I will be able to do it too one day. Rowan is SO beautiful and seriously hilarious (I can tell from your posts and instagrams). Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us! By the way, read your post on the Daybook. It was seriously the best!!

  28. After reading things like this I feel inspired to be a good mom someday 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Your baby is amazingly beautiful!!


  29. Thanks for this! Rowan is so cute and you have an absolutely beautiful family. I also love seeing what both you and her are wearing, fantastic outfits! This is one of my favorite blogs, by far!


  30. Cute outfit! My baby is a picky eater too, and most of the times, she would choose to drink several bottles of milk, than eat. I just don’t know what to do about her not eating. Do I have to force her to eat? She’s two, and she just don’t like eating anything dry/. She likes fruits by the way.

    I posted some of her pics here: http://www.babypics.com/pics. You can keep all your pics there too. 🙂

    Thanks for this post. At least I know now that my baby is not the only one who refuses to eat. 🙂

  31. What an amazing little girl. I love reading your blog and learning from your experiences as a parent. My husband and I are expecting our first (a little girl) in February. 🙂


  32. As a new Mum I totally get what your saying, there are so many ways of parenting and everyone has different advice, it is easy to become confused in it all, I have totally learnt the importance of going with your gut and doing what is right for you and your family!

  33. wow, 14mos, it really does go fast. She’s such a doll, you guys are doing a fantastic job. xo

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