An Ewok Halloween…


Did you all have a great Halloween? We tried our best, but our little Ewok has been super cranky lately with teething, so there quite a few melt downs involved. haha. We had fun though and made the best of it. Last year Rowan was too tiny to trick or treat. We dressed up, but we didn’t go out. She is still too small for candy but this year she can walk and can at least go through the motions and have fun doing it. It was so awesome to be out there in the midst of all the festivities as a little family. It was also extra special to have our dear, dear friends Dave and Erin with us. We were the coolest gang of ewoks out there. Ok, there were no other gangs of ewoks, but still… We were cool.

We also got called a cute little cat family?


Our costumes were handmade but Rowan’s was gifted from this online toddler costume store. Her costume was great. Easy to put on and decent quality for the price listed. The head piece was a little cheap and shapeless but a few safety pins fixed that problem.

  1. Cuteness all over! What a fantastic idea, you guys are such a lovely family, Rowans face is priceless, she looks so happy!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. I love babies in costumes!! Rowan looks the most adorable ever! I’m sure she still had lots of fun. Next year she’ll have her teeth and will have to be kept FAR from her trick or treating candy 🙂

  3. these are so sweet!!!! love the ewok costumes! <3

  4. HAHAHA – those photos are adorable. What a cute Ewok family, such halloween spirit!

  5. Ewoks !!! What an amazing idea ! I love your costumes!

  6. OOOhhh SOOO cute! I think being the only gang of Ewoks and a sign that you picked some great original costumes! How fun that you actually got to at least “go through the motions” of trick-or-treating this year! I hope Rowans little mouth starts to feel better soon!

  7. what a cute family costume! Very creative…I love the pic of her “on the loose”! She is so cute…even when she’s melting down. Its gotta be hard to be an Ewok!

  8. Oh my gosh! You three are such an adorable family.. I would have never thought of dressing up as ewoks!

  9. how adorable, and how great that your friends got dressed up too!

  10. cute overload.

  11. i’ll just go ahead and admit that i had to look up what an ewok is. but you guys are a cute little family of nerds 🙂 [i mean that in the very nicest way possible]. rowan’s gonna be so cool when she grows up.

  12. This is adorable:) I love family costuming! I wanted our little three-month-old daughter to be a flower, me to be a bumblebee and daddy to be a gardener… Well, let’s just say I wasn’t crafty enough to pull it off:( So kudos!! XO

    real girl, real body fashion:

  13. SO CUTE! I’m sad we didn’t get to see you guys! Come home soon!

  14. SO unbelievably cute!! Your little ewok is precious 🙂

  15. Oh…em…gee… Cutest baby costume EVER! I love that you all dressed to match, too!

  16. Amanda B. •

    I love it! We have a teddy bear that goes everywhere with us (was even our ring bearer in our wedding). He was an Ewok last halloween!

  17. I can’t handle how cute this is!

  18. Cute costumes!

  19. ohhh my this is the cutest thing EVER.

  20. This idea is hilarious and awesome! It’s so original. I really love it. You guys are so cute!

  21. Poor little Rowan! I hoep those teeth give her a break!!

    You guy’s costume idea was my absolute favorite this year (movie geek alert!). In close second came a daddy-baby costume where daddy was a chef and baby was a lobster in a big pot!

    Halloween makes me want to start a family!!

    Virginie ♥

  22. These are THE best costumes. You guys are too adorable.

  23. My 27yo daughter with 1 1/2 and 4 year. Old want to go as ewok family this year.
    Do you have costume making advise or pattern for the craft challenged ewok
    Your costumes are adorable. Thank you

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