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Dear little cheetah:
We have started to wean you off your bottle. It was kind of sad at first because we use to feed you a bottle before nap or bed time and you would fall asleep in our arms. I didn’t really want to give that up. I loved those moments. You are such an active little one, that those few moments when you would be sleeping in our arms were the only chance to cuddle you. I was scared I would lose that special time.

I had to come up with something new. A new routine that would get you ready for bed time. I started to sing to you. Everyday it was something new, sometimes old sunday school songs, sometimes Disney movies and sometimes just some of mommy’s favorite songs, but sure enough it started to worked. You started to let me hold you quietly after you drank your milk. You rest your head on my shoulder, tuck your arms up underneath you and you let me sing to you. If I stop for a minute you continue. You sing little notes back, as if you are telling me to keep going. I can’t help but hold you tight. I can watch your eyes get heavy in the mirror as we swing back and forth in our chair together.

Even after you have fallen asleep, I hold you for a little while longer and then I put you down to sleep. I treasure those moments. You are just too precious for words. I think I am really starting to love this new routine.

  1. Oh, so cute. That photograph is adorable.

  2. beautiful…i know she’s sleeping but i just want to pick her up and squeeze her! 🙂

  3. adorable post



  4. love this 🙂 when my son is sleeping at night, before i go to bed i pick him up and give him a cuddle, hee hee.I just hold him and take it all in and smell his little head 🙂 as before i know it he’ll be too big 🙁 xx
    lovely post Jen 😀

  5. Goosebumps! Chills!! Rowan is so blessed 🙂 and I know you are blessed through moments like this with her! Wonderful, Jen! I bet you’re a lovely singer!! <3

  6. My heart just melted. This post is not helping with my baby fever. lol.

  7. this is lovely. my baby still prefers to sleep on me, rather than a crib, for naps and thinking about the time that that won’t happen anymore breaks my heart.

  8. Awww Rowan is adorable! What a great mama you are.

  9. Ah what a beautiful post and what a special time for you both 🙂
    She’s adorable!

    I really enjoy reading about your sweet family 🙂

  10. That is so adorable! My mom used to sing to me all the time. Rowan looks SO cute. I love the photos and posts about the family 🙂

  11. Jen, I love those moments too! My little guy will be 1 on Saturday and we are brainstorming new nap/bed routines.

  12. I am scared of weaning (we’re still nursing) I don’t think singing is going to get my little monkey to settle down. It’s a scary thought… when will we sleep?

  13. oh man, i STILL give my little one a bottle if she asks for it. i just can’t say no! i’m pretty sure she’s our last baby and i’m trying to cling to that baby-ness as long as i can! (she turned two in july. ha!) were she our first i definitely would have felt like 2 was WAY too old for a bottle (and, let’s face it–it is) but, i just want her to feel like my little baby forever. these moments are so fleeting–enjoy every snuggle!!!

  14. Hi Jen! I’m an “old reader” from Brazil…I’m not sure if I wrote before, but this post made me cry =)

    My little girl is almost 11 months now, and I always keep some ideas from you and Rowan. I really don’t want to stop with the bottle…I know that I’ll need to do it, but it’s soooo scary to me that I don’t have words to express this feeling. I already sing to her after the milk, but I love to have her in my arms looking at me while I’m feeding her with the bottle.

    Wow…very nice post! Food for thought, I’d say. Thanks for sharing this beauty with your readers! I love all your postsm but the ones about Rowan are always my favorite!

    I’m sorry for my mistakes! I speak portuguese, and my English is not perfect (of course).

  15. Love your new routine. Our little peanut doesn’t allow us, at six months, to hold him for his bottle unless it’s late at night or really early in the morning. Any other time, he has to be in his swing or high chair. I miss it!!! I hate how fast he is growing up but love it at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing these little moments with all of us!

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