Style File 10.11.11

Rowan and I packed up the stroller yesterday to head out on a long walk to the Post Office. We walked all the way there, only to find out it was closed. I always forget stuff like that. DOH! At least it was beautiful out. We ended up stopping to take some outfit photos on the way back. These leather shorts are such a staple for me this Fall. They are so easy to wear (and comfy too!). Can’t wait to throw some tights on under them.


Outfit Details:
Sweater: Vintage
White Button Up: jcpenney
Leather Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Vintage Pins: My Grandma
Central Bow Flats: c/o Blowfish

Rowan wanted to be in some outfit photos too! Except she didn’t want to stand still long enough to end up in the picture. Silly little Cheetah.


  1. So cute! Love the shoes!

  2. I just love how you take some of your photos with your daughter, she is such a cutie

  3. Awww-you guys are so cute!

  4. OMG, this is too cute. I can’t wait to take outfit photos with my kids!

  5. The shoes picture with Rowan is absolutely perfect! Love both your outfits!

  6. Look at your cute top knot!!! Love the leather shorts with the sweater. And the photo of you and Rowan’s feet is having me die over here!! LOVEEEE. xo, Kim

  7. Aww, these photos are SO adorable Jen. I’m in love with your outfit, it’s the perfect fall look and my goodness Rowans outfit is just fantastic too. Looks like you enjoyed a lovely, lovely walk/day. Happy Thanksgiving too! xo veronika

  8. I LOVE Rowan’s outfit! So precious!

    And your is fabulous as always! 🙂

  9. Love the broach!

  10. Krystal •

    Oh my GOSH! ADORABLE!! I love the shoes pic! And you know how much I love the pics of Rowan!!!!:):) I have to add today that I love your outfit!! I think it is definitely one of my favorites in awhile!! Love it:) you two look so so pretty:):)

  11. aw, love your cozy sweater and cute brooch!

    <3 steffy

  12. I love that you and Rowan match! So cute!

  13. I love your sweater and the pins!! You and Rowan are so sweet together, she is such a cutie 🙂

  14. you ladies are oh so stylish! i did the same thing yesterday! only i went to the bank…and i drove. (it was a little too far for a walk.) love the leather shorts and rowan’s skirt is super adorbs!

  15. That last photo of your feet together is priceless! Just beautiful! I love your grey sweater, clothes like that make the cold weather a bit more bareable. The vintage pins are the perfect accessories!

    Emma x

  16. I love those shorts! And that photo of your and Rowan’s feet is too cute!

  17. At least the drive was not all in vain, these pictures and your outfits are adorable! Love that you are a little matchy, I adored your outfit but sorry Rowan totally takes the spotlight, ha ha I kid! you looked great!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  18. so precious!!!!! i love these pics. you two are such a pretty mommy/daughter duo 🙂

  19. seriously so adorable!! i love these photos!

  20. Ahh! Too cute! My daughter has the same shoes. Gotta love Payless!

  21. I’m 22 years old and I look forward to reading your blog! When you started posting about Rowan and your pregnancy, I though I wouldn’t enjoy reading your blog because I can’t relate. But now after sticking by you, I love reading about Rowan and I love seeing her appear on you posts. She is so cute!!! Thanks for taking the time to make your blog extra special

  22. awww ! what an adorable duo !

  23. ahh I love your outfit!! I’ve just bought some leather shorts and this has really inspired me!!

    Charlotte x

  24. It’s crazy that we can wear shorts in October this year! New England, you’re so unpredictable…


  25. You are definitely one of the cool months hittin’ the town with your toddler in black leather shorts! You both look fabulous!

  26. love the matching bows & love your bangs!


  27. First of all — the mommy and daughter pictures are unbelievably cute!! What did Kev think of them? 🙂 She looks so so darling in her stripes and tutu!! And I love your vintage sweater! Your pins are absolutely gorgeous too — so glad you two got to share a little adventure and have the pics to prove it!

  28. Eleanor •

    I have to admit that, after seeing these shoes in posts over the last months, I could no longer resists ordering a pair of my very own. My black patent version arrived in the mail, and you’re so right: they may be the most comfortable flats I’ve ever tried on. Thanks for the fabulous fashion inspiration!

  29. That sweater with the pins is to die for!

  30. Could this post be cuter? I love this outfit on you, so freaking chic and Rowan is a star! Haha… I say Star like STAH! because I am pretending to be some crazy Hollywood agent… Not like I know any Hollywood agents though…

  31. I love your outfit.. those shorts are totally cute and love them with the sweater too!! xo jodi

  32. you are so beautiful

  33. Rowan is so adorable! I love the tutu on her! Her outfit is so adorable. And so is yours! I love those faux leather shorts. I have been searching for a suitable one for a while now with no luck. I think I might take another stroll to F21 and see what I can find at an affordable price. Thanks for the outfit inspiration! I took a shot at a color-blocking outfit today using a mustard skirt, your input would be greatly appreciated Jen!

  34. I love this look, especially that cozy sweater and those leather shorts, you’ve convinced me to take a walk to UO at lunch tomorrow! Rowan is so cute in her black and white look, the tulle skirt is beyond words. Love her little bow shoes too!

  35. Adriene •

    Rowan is going to be tall, like a supermodel when she grows up!

  36. Beautiful ladies. Jen, you inspired me to pin two of my great Grandma’s brooches on my dress this morning (they looked fabulous & are completely out of the realm of my normal routine). Rowan, you inspired kisses for my Levi. Hope you both have a lovely weekend!

  37. Love the leather shorts. I never thought they’d be cute in the real world. I was wrong! So glad to have found you site. I recently gave birth to my first child, a little girl named Scarlet. Even more recently, I started a fashion blog to inspire others mommas and ladies to get up, get dressed and feel great about themselves. I love reading your blog for inspiration! XO

  38. These pictures are so cute! I can’t believe how tall Rowan is! I love how you styled the shorts

  39. I am really starting to appreciate the leather shorts trend. Love yours! Great outfit.

  40. Oh my gosh, so in love with the matching mom and daughter bow shoes – too cute!!!

  41. Adorable! Words can’t even begin to explain!

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