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There is no hiding that I am obsessed with instagram. I love seeing everyone’s pictures that I follow and even more so, I love taking pictures myself. Since Rowan was born, we’ve taken a lot of photos with our dslr, but the majority of the pictures are from our phones. Our iphones are always right there to capture the little moments.

I have always wondered what to do with all these photos because they mean so much to me. Then I found out that Blurb created an instagram book. It’s this perfectly shaped little book, that allows you to pull pictures straight from your instagram account. I had already started making one for Rowan for her 1st birthday when Blurb contacted me. I have loved blurb for a long time. I first used them about 3 years ago. I made a book from my old livejournal for kev. It was all the posts about when we lived in Hawaii. It is one of our most treasured keepsakes.

I filled our little instagram book with pictures of Rowan from her very first day here, till her first birthday. It turned out to be 160 pages! We named the book “Little Cheetah: Year One.” I hope I can make one for her every year. How cool, right?


Rowan loves the book so much. We can read it to her like a little storybook. There are so many memories with each picture. I like to tell her about where we were, what we were doing, etc… Her favorite thing is photos, so a whole book of photos of Dada, Mama and her is her favorite thing ever!

I’m hooked! I already have plans to make a 2011 recap book at the end of the year. They are so fun to make!

If you are not on instagram- you can see my pictures here if you want.
or find me on instagram: jenloveskev

In full disclosure our Instagram Book was courtesy of Blurb.

  1. So cute Jen! The one of her with the glasses on is so sweet!

    One question though. DId the pictures print clear? I am always nervous about the resolution of the instagram pics. Also thanks so much for posting about inkstagram! I didn’t know there was a place online where you could see the photos larger! Yay!!! xoxo

  2. I love this idea!

    Now to just buy an iphone and have a kid 😛

  3. That is adorable! I love it!

  4. What a great idea! I’ve been thinking I would love a way to keep all of my instagram photos and show them off to people who aren’t online. This might be the way!!

  5. aaaaah!!! i’m SO glad you posted this! i want to make one for Káel!!! eeeee!!!! LOVE it! (i’m obsessed with instagram too…i don’t care if it’s trendy or cheesy-cheers to insta-love) 😉

  6. SO cool!! The one with the glasses and nose: priceless!

    Feels like the instagram book might be the modern equivalent to the scrapbook doesn’t it?

    I am resisting to having a celle phone and these days and think I need an Iphone just to take pictures and videos (I haven’t quite been the same since a friend made me discover the Super-8MM app!).

    Your family is so beautiful!

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Jen!

    Virginie ♥

  7. Jen, this is so precious. I love the name of the book, too 🙂 I have seen some Instagram books that are only 3 inches square but I like this size better. I hope we can make one of these for our little cheetah, too! I love Instagram but we have old iPhones (3GS) so the photos are not always awesome. However, we should be getting the new 4S next month so that will take better quality pics once baby comes! Have a good weekend!

  8. What a cute album!

  9. Best mama ever award goes to you! i totally wish i had little books like this now of me and my parents so long ago. i cherish the few that are around.

  10. Thanks for sharing this! What a fantastic idea!

  11. wow!! what a great idea, I just love this little book, you have such a sweet little one and a sweet family!!!

  12. Aahw that’s too cute! Really really nice!

  13. awesome idea, the book turned out amazing.

  14. L-O-V-E. Thanks for the great tip…. I have way too many photos in my iPhone and now I know just how to print them;)

  15. Aww, what a good idea! That is an amazing keepsake.

  16. So cute! I want an iphone by the time my little one comes mostly for the camera

  17. aw this is so cute! You are such a thoughtful mother =)

  18. Jen, this is the best idea ever!!

    I love photo books, and wish I had an iphone just so I could use instagram. I was thinking of making a book like this of me and my boyfriend when I have enough pictures, but hopefully one day I can be making a book about my own child 🙂 It’s the easiest form of scrap-booking, and will be a lovely memory for Rowan as she grows up.

  19. Wow this is so neat! She’s going to really treasure this when she gets older.

  20. What a great idea!! The book and the pictures are so cute!! 🙂

  21. Aw! What an adorable year! I love it

  22. This is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! 🙂 Such a great idea.

  23. oh wow, i couldn’t have dreamed this up if i tried! how is the quality of the pictures in person?

  24. i want an iphone for this very reason! instagram seems like the coolest app. i bet that’d gonna be a book you guys treasure forever 🙂

  25. This book is going to be a great memento for Rowan when she is grown up.

  26. Jessica •

    Rowan is so beautiful! She looks a lot like kev!

  27. what a fantastic idea!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  28. Oh my goodness! Now I must make one of these! I love instagram–and I think with all of my grom-photos, I could have such a fun book!!
    Looks like you did an awesome job…Love your creativity!

  29. AHH!! I love this!!
    I’ve had a few books I made just sitting in iphoto for FOREVER! I keep holding them off cause they are SO big and will be SO pricey. This i WAY better!!
    PS. cutest little family.

  30. This is so beautiful!
    I can’t wait to try and make my own

  31. This is the best idea ever from Blurb! I am like you with 2 kids its hard to carry around a huge camera all the time and run after the kids. Therefore we always have our iphone with us to snap quick moments of them being silly. Every month my iphone is overloaded with photos and I would have to transfer them out of my phone and then I don’t know what to do with then. This is an awesome idea to create it into a book. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  32. This might just be the cutest idea ever!

  33. Wow…this is so fantastic. I can’t wait to order one of these!

  34. stephanie •

    Hii I wanted to create this for my boyfriend and I would like to know how you did this love it

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