Style File 10.03.11

September sure went out with a bang last week! It held on to temperatures in the high 80’s long enough for me to dress up summery one more time, get some ice cream and to take outfit photos for the latest Art Inspired Fashion post. This month I picked a painting by Wayne Thiebaud. I love the retro feel to his paintings…


To see the outfit inspired by this painting head over to the Lulu’s blog and check it out… (if you’d be so kind, please leave a comment saying hello when you are there!)

Here is a little sneak peak…


  1. love it, Jen! so cute!

  2. the color of that dress is so sweet 🙂

    <3 steffy

  3. yes. this painting just makes me so happy !
    ps, !

  4. Wayne Thiebaud is one of my favorite painters! I love all his sweets paintings it makes me so hungry and long for a 50’s dinner. Oh and pretty pretty dress!

  5. September went out with a bang…and then October came in with freezing, freezing temperatures!

    The lighting in that last photo is lovely.

  6. this dress is adorable


  7. I tried to leave a comment, but not being on Facebook, it wouldn’t let me… What I tried to say was:
    Love the painting, love the look, adore the series!
    Way to go, Jen…You nailed it, and looked great, too!

  8. i love the color of that belt!

  9. I seriously love the way you tied that belt! Sorry for being random, but it is fantastic!

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