Last Night’s Dinner 09.27.11


Ok, this is more like yesterday’s breakfast, but we will stick with the regular titles for posts. It all falls under the kitchen, food umbrella anyway. I have always been a smoothie girl. I would pick a smoothie over ice cream any day. Now that Rowan is a pickier eater when it comes to veggies, I have been looking for smoothies to make her that include fruits and veggies. This is a delicious one that includes carrots! A mild smoothie for anyone who is a little scared to add veggies to smoothies. We drink them in the mornings together. MMMMMmmmmmmm!


3/4 cup chopped fresh pineapple (Freeze chunks first)
1/3 cup fresh orange juice
1/4 cup chopped carrot
1/2 banana (slice and freeze first)


Original Recipe found on Real Simple

  1. I have always been a smoothie girl too. When I was 14 we moved to a new town and I had to start high school knowing NO one. I was SO nervous that I couldn’t eat. My mom would make me smoothies every morning so that I had some food in me. This is where my love for them began. I have one every morning and usually throw in a 1/4 cup of frozen chopped spinach. Sounds gross, but the fruit covers up the taste :).

  2. We have just started having smoothies with our girls and they are loving them! I will definitely add this recipe to our rotation – thanks!

  3. That looks amazing! I love smoothies

  4. yum! i have never tried a carrot in a smoothie! will have to try!


  5. Yum! I love green smoothies and juicing; I do it almost every day!

  6. kid friendly. i love it!

  7. Sili Squeeze is something you might be interested, for smoothies on the go for your little princess. My son loves them and it’s not messy one bit.

  8. I love smoothies! Especially green ones, but this sounds amazing too. Do you use cooked or raw carrot?

  9. MUST try this! I’ve been having a tough time getting my lil one to eat her veggies. I’ve been making green monsters for her lately (which she loves), but I never thought to add carrots to a smoothie. I think this might be breakfast tomorrow…YUM 🙂

  10. Oh my, it sounds amazing – & the colour of it just makes me think of sorbet. Delicious! Will definitely be trying this one out!

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