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What a fun day yesterday was! I haven’t been in an art market in over 2 years. I always love doing them, but life is always just so busy. This year, I decided to suck it up and sign up for stART on the Street. The Haberdash was going to be there too and I knew it would be awesome getting to hand out with friends.

Honestly, it was so great! Something about it brought back so many nostalgic feelings. I think its because bookmaking, crafts and artshows have been my love for so long, like before I was a mom, before I had this blog and before I ever got married. It was super heart warming to see it all sort of full circle. I was there selling all these books I was so proud of, sharing the day with Kev and Rowan and getting to meet a bunch of lovely readers. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone, but something about it seemed very special for me.

We got to be neighbors with Amy and the Haberdash for the day, which meant lots of hang out time and lots of Canadian jokes from Adam. We even had friends come out from Albany to hang out and enjoy the art market. I am always super unprepared for markets like this, good thing Amy is an expert and had everything that I forgot. Thanks Amy!
Here are a few tips for you…
1. Bring LOTS AND LOTS OF CHANGE. You will always need more $1’s and $5’s than you think.
2. Remember a chair
3. Bring a little kit of tape, sharpie, paper, thumb tacks, twine, scissors. You never know.

Have you ever done an Art market before? Did you have so much fun?


  1. don’t you love setting up at markets and art fairs? in the summer i usually do them a few times a month. i love the idea with the boxes. i use vintage boxes and wine crates and they work so well.

    i love the books!

  2. Jen!
    I am loving all of your goods. So awesome- and those necklaces! Swoon! Are you selling them anywhere online? So proud of you for doing this- super inspiring….and Rowan as a lil’ skater girl? All sorts of adorable. Our babies are growing up so fast! It’s so easy to get sad about all of the changes, but like you said this morning, focusing on all there is to be thankful for gets me out of that silly, emotional mood!
    Have the best week<3

  3. Just wanted to say we really liked your books. My wife told me about them so I came by to take a look. Our booth was a little ways down from yours and we also had a fantastic time, the weather was great and there were tons of great people to enjoy the festival with. This was our first time at a show and we’re definitely coming back. Glad you came back too!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your little booth:) And books!! And necklaces!!!:) Love the pics:) And Rowan is as adorable as ever:)

  5. Yesterday was so much fun!
    Thanks for being the best neighbor ever!

  6. How fun, thank you for sharing. I am gearing up for my first ever craft fair in October, I always like to see and hear what people have to say about the fairs they sell at.

  7. Are you going to put those necklaces in your Etsy store? Would love to buy one!

  8. I can’t get over Rowan’s outfit. Some days I get so excited for our babe to arrive, and we’re not even halfway yet!

  9. looks like sooo much fun! i want one of those hand made books!


  10. i would love to just roam around america selling fun little knick-knacks and handmade goodies in a silver metal trailer for the rest of my life… happy for your life ! 🙂


  11. Your books are beautiful! Today I’m wearing the necklace I bought, and so far I’ve gotten two compliments! I love it!!

  12. this looks like so much fun! hope you had a great day

  13. that looks like a lot of fun!! and you were selling such cute things 🙂 i love those necklaces!! what a great price.

  14. I saw you there! But at the time, I wasn’t sure that it was you, haha. I didn’t know you were going to be there. So I went to your booth, checked out your stuff (so cute) and said “hi,” thinking “that’s gotta be Jen, right??” I was too shy to ask if it was you, because if I was wrong, I would feel silly. Not sure if you remember, but I was the one wearing the floral dress, knee-high socks, and carrying around a skateboard.

  15. I love craft fairs. I’m going to Renegade in December and am so overly excited. xo, rv

  16. The books are beautiful, Jen!

  17. so cute, per usual! would love to get one of those necklaces – when will you have them on etsy?

  18. oh my goodness, Jen, congrats this is so awesome! And it looks like it was loads of fun too. I love those necklaces & the little books are gorgeous!! Aww, and Rowan on the skateboard, ah priceless. xo veronika

  19. rowan = adorable on the skateboard and chillin on the curb.

    also LOVE all of the goods. i can really tell you put so much of your heart into the things you create and it has to be so fulfilling to be able to bring that creation full circle and have others enjoy what you have made. 🙂

  20. yay! I love my necklace. I received a lot of compliments today, too. Here’s my outfit post.

  21. congrats! I love those necklaces. That pic of Rowan skating is the cutest!

  22. i really love the “not all who wander are lost” book. lovely. would be perfect for my coming travels!

  23. Hey! stART was awesome this year.. and crowded! I didnt leave my booth and walk around like i usually do, so I didn’t see all your books & those cute necklaces. Will you be doing any other shows? Do you have a shop on etsy?

  24. Are your necklaces in your Etsy store, they are so lovely! Rowan gets cuter and cuter, lover her skateboard attire!

  25. Hey Jen! So glad you enjoyed the festival! I coordinate the food and my husband coordinated the music, it’s nice to see an outsiders view!

  26. all your stuff looks so pretty – and i think Rowan stole the show again… she’s such a little kid now! aw!

  27. wow. i love shows like this and books like those. do you sell them online anywhere? it sounds like you had a wonderful experience there 🙂

  28. The picture of Rowan sitting on the curb with her baby friends is too cute!

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