12 Months!

Ahhh! This morning at 9:38am (one year ago), we welcomed our little Rowan Winter into our family. Can you believe it? I feel like I was just telling you all I was pregnant.

What a year this has been. Rowan has changed us in ways I never thought she would. Kev and I have become closer, stronger, more patient, kind, and loving than we ever were before she arrived. She is our everything.

I say this every month and I know I will continue to say it, but this last month has been filled with some of my most favorite moments. I cannot express in words how much personality this little girl has. She keeps me laughing all day long. What a joy she is to spend each and every day with. It is always a little weird when school starts and I realize I am not going back to teach. Honestly though, I would not trade being able to stay home with her for anything.


Rowan can instantly brighten any room she enters. People are drawn to her. I think it’s because she is not shy at all. She interacts with everyone. It takes us about an hour longer to do anything because everyone needs to talk to her when we are out. Now that she has been walking for 2 months, she thinks she is a little expert. She has no fear of curbs, stairs, pavement, etc… we have encountered our fair share of skinned knees already (as you can see in these pictures).


She is active, to say the least. There is not one second during the day when she is not up running around or playing with her toys. Haha, we like to joke that maybe our next baby will be the cuddly one. There are a few moments each day when she is tired that she will rest her head on something, but it only last a few seconds and then she is off again. Sometimes we’re lucky and it will be our lap or our shoulder, but we usually catch her laying her head on random objects or in this case, the grass…


Rowan is good at:
Running, walking, waving, pointing, saying Dada and Mama, eating with her hands, Signing “all done” “eat” and “more”, blowing raspberries, drinking from straws, ringing her hand bells, kicking a ball, blowing kisses and dragging furniture around the house (highchair, stools, guitar cases, etc…)

Rowan Loves:
Cheddar Bunnies, little cheetah, playing hide and seek with Dada, going to the playground, seeing other little kids, pickles, our cats, pictures of Kev, iPhones, the blender, eating paper and woodchips, going for bike rides and being out exploring new things

Rowan Hates:
Getting in her car seat, getting her diaper changed, eating anything that is not pickles or cheddar bunnies, not being allowed to run where ever she wants (the road), she hates leaving the playground, when the cats bat at her. She doesn’t like when people knock at the door and she hates when Kev leaves for work in the morning.

We go to the doctor this week so I am not really up to date on her stats but she has 8 teeth and 2 more coming in on the bottom. She is beyond tall and weighs a healthy amount. haha.


Rowan’s most fabulous vintage Birthday Dress in from Little Reader Vintage and the vintage slip underneath is from 3RingCircus. I could not have imagined a more perfect birthday outfit for her.


  1. She is ADORABLE! Sounds like you two have adjusted to parenthood very well. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Rowan! Love the party dress, so perfect!!!

  3. I can’t believe she is one already!!! **Happy Birthday Rowan!**

  4. Happy Birthday little Rowan! :o)

  5. Her personality just oozes through these pictures. What a little riot!

  6. happy birthday pretty little lady!

  7. awwww! happy birthday to your gorgeous gift! she is beautiful just like you and kev! i love these photos of her! congratulations on a fabulous first year together! xoxox

  8. Aw, happy birthday Rowan!!

  9. What a little sweetie! I feel like her face is a perfect mix of you and Kev. How fun. We are hoping for a little girl first 🙂

  10. The skinned knees with the filmy dress make me go all gooey inside. What a beautiful, adventurous, fun-loving, happy little girl you have there. Congrats, Jen and Kev and Rowan!

  11. oh my goodness, those CHUBBY LITTLE LEEEEGS!!!! she kills me, she’s so stinkin’ cuuuuuute!!!!!!

    happy birthday little rowan 🙂

  12. Aww, she’s gorgeous! I love the little stats about her, too funny. It’s been so fun getting to watch her grow up through your eyes.

  13. soo adorable! what a cutie, i love her little legs!

  14. Hahaha, I love the head-on-the-grass picture. What a silly girl. She’s so cute. Happy birthday, Rowan!


  15. these pictures of her are beautiful! I love the dress and shoes

  16. Awww! She is darling! I’m so glad she is such a little entertainer! I love kids who entertain me!

  17. Aw! These pictures are like the her first “Style File” outfit shots of her own. I’m not sure that many other bloggers could pull off that head on the grass pose, though…;)

  18. Happy birthday, Rowan! You are kind, smart, and beautiful!!!

    (Don’t be surprised if she turns shy in a few months…Sometimes the most outgoing baby turns shy suddenly later… It’s all part of growing up… She is so very adorable. Wish I could kiss those cute little chubby cheeks…)

  19. Oh my! What a lovely read. My son turned one on 31st aug and it too has been the most wonderful year of my life. Brought tears to my eyes reading your post as i truly feel every heart felt word written. Lots of love from across the pond,here’s to the next wonderful year of your lovely family’s life 🙂 x

  20. Happy birthday, Rowan!

  21. it’s so cute how much you love her 🙂 and she’s adorable too. you guys are lucky to have her.

  22. I can’t believe she’s already one! She’s a beautiful little girl. Congratulations. Xo, Rae


  23. Happy Birthday, Rowan!! Aww, she’s so cute! 🙂 Congratulations, Jen and Kev!

  24. Happy Birthday Miss Rowan, and happy one year as parents to you and Kev! What a milestone. She is such a happy, beautiful little girl – can’t wait to keep watching her grow!

  25. aww, yay! Happy b-day Rowan!! What an adorable dress and it’s vintage no less, SO cute. Hope you’re having a great start to your week Jen & getting settled from NY. xo veronika

  26. happy 1st birthday sweet rowan!!

  27. so sweet! Rowan reminds me of my daughter- breaking the growth charts! I loved what you said about her resting her head on things… our daughter rarely rests her head on us, she has to be VERY tired to do so!

    Rowan looks adorable on her birthday! thanks so much for sharing where you got her little outfit from, always looking for more unique places to buy baby clothes- vintage and new!

    ~abigail aka @GrayDayShop and tiptoethrough.blogspot.com

  28. Oh my goodness those precious chubby legs!!! She is amazing haha happy birthday!

  29. look at those legs! she is such a beautiful baby! love your charming blog!

  30. Happy birthday Rowan! Oh what a beautiful little girl she’s become !

  31. That picture of her on the grass is hilarious! Love those legs!

  32. Her chubby little baby legs are the cutest. things. ever. Happy birthday, Rowan!!

  33. jen she looks beautiful!

  34. seriously she is too cute!!

  35. Hi there, just passing by your blog. I love your pictures. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! i love her outfit! Happy Birthday baby girl.

  36. What a cutie pie! Love those silver shoes! Happy belated birthday to Rowan.

  37. Rowan is STUNNING!!! such a pretty pretty girl:):) happy 1st birthday to your sweetheart!!!!!! XOXOXO Beautiful pics!! And A beautiful dress:):):)

  38. She’s is so precious! Such a beautiful little lady 🙂

  39. My goodness what a little chunker! She is TOO adorable!! Love the outfit you picked out for her special day Jen!! =)

  40. I have a confession. I don’t like children. Never have. But for some reason I always enjoy your updates about Rowan. She is clearly such a little character and she’s so cute! Congratulations on having a child so lovely she can make even me think she’s adorable!

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